List of property and locality names in the Molong District
New South Wales.
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Name Parish County Remarks and Notes
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Ainsdale Gregra Ashburnham Property of Messrs J & A Giffin and later owned by E. Marr
Akuna   Ashburnham Located in Molong. Was the home of Mrs Thomas McFarlane in 1937.
Allambie   Ashburnham Part of Mountain View at Peabody
Amaroo Molong Ashburnham Bob’s Creek. The name Amaroo is aboriginal for pretty place or red love. This area is believed to have been the meeting place for the Macquarie and Lachlan groups.
Amaroo Station Boree Cabonne Ashburnham Was originally part of the Molong Run and later was in the name of James Keenan. McMahon property sold in 1932 to Mr McDonald
Arabinia Molong Ashburnham Rutherford property at Peabody. Part of Original Gamboola and later part of Boree Nyrang. Now known as Arrowbinia
  Ashburnham Richard Starr's property.
  Ashburnham Was the property of Frank Bloomfield who sold it to Bruce Webb about 1929.
  Ashburnham Farm on the Mandagery Creek owned by the Murray family.
Auburn Villa,
  Ashburnham Located at 46 Molong Street was the home of W H Couch who was the original owner of a property near Cudal named Auburn Vale.
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Ballyreagh Gamboola Wellington Once part of Erambie
Bell Ashburnham Located 1½ miles from Molong on the northern side of Manildra road overlooking the town. Had over 300 fruit trees growing in 1903 when the property was owned by Mr J T Whelan.
Barragun     Part of Toogong Run
Belgravia Mulyan Wellington Old name Whiteley’s Flat 
Bell River several parishes several counties Begins near Orange and joins the Macquarie R at Wellington. Molong Creek runs into the Bell at Larras Lee.
Beredith Three Rivers Wellington Larras Lake Settlement block owned by Rogers.
Beri Station Boomey Wellington The Cousins family settled on this property. In 1899 when the estate was offered for sale it consisted of Wommera paddock - 1104ac, Nuggety Gully - 980ac, Nubrygan paddock - 2203ac, Homestead block - 1312ac and Duke's Flat, Middle Station and Finch's Flat - 2574ac.
  Ashburnham Possibly home of Mrs Russell Gibson in 1924.
Birrahlea Bell Ashburnham Located about 2 miles from Molong on the Norah Creek Road. In 1958 was the home of Mrs H M Dengate.
Blakefield   Ashburnham Property of M C Dalziell in 1894.
Bob’s Creek Molong Ashburnham The land known as Bob's Creek was part of Gamboola then became part of Erambie (Kite’s Swamp). The creek has been descibed as a "small auriferous w.tributary of the Molong river, sandstone, shale and limestone.
Bocoble Gap Brymedura Ashburnham Bocoble Gap is still named such. The area nearby was in 1902 suggested that "owing to the variety in spelling of the name, and the confusion caused by other places in the state being simmilarly named." that it's name was changed to Pinecliff.
Boney's Rocks   Ashburnham Was the old name for Burdett, near the Nangar Range between Toogong and Mogong.
Boomey     Owned by William Henry Horton and later by Claude Smith. Earlier named Murdering Flat
Boree Run several parishes Ashburnham Or Buree was allocated to Messrs Wentworth & Boyd. It extended from Mt Canobolas on the East to beyond Toogong on the West.
Boree Cabonne Run several parishes Ashburnham Large area of land west of Mt Canobolas to Cudal. Boree creek in the middle.Included Stations of Mousehole, Sandy Creek, Lagoon and Boree Creek (also Bone Ck). The word Cabonne mens large as opposed to Nyrang which means little.
Boree Hollow Molong Ashburnham Part of Molong Run, south of Molong (Boree Hollow Creek)
Boree Nyrang Boree Nyrang Ashburnham Between Gamboola and Boree Cabonne, once part of John Smith's holdings. When it was sold to Dr Kater he changed its name to Nyrang. Today it is operated as a Bed & Breakfast known as Nyrang Homestead.
Boesen's Gully Gregra Ashburnham Possibly near Brymedura. It was a cattle camp named after a man known as Boesen/Bosson.
Boree Swamp Boree Nyrang Ashburnham Near Cheeseman’s Ck on the Flats
Borenore     Part of Boree Run
Borgue Apiary,
Molong Ashburnham Sold in 1904 by Alfred Manson to William Lemon.
Bridgewater Bell Ashburnham To quote from a 1924 newspaper article from the Molong Express under the title 'One Centre-Three names' " one small village of about 50 people, you find Bridgewater School, Mullylargah Post Office, Larras Lee Railway Station and Larras Lake Settlement,..." The property of this name was owned by the Alexander family. Cumnock roads
Brookida Downs,
  Ashburnham Home of Mr & Mrs G E Horton in 1940.
Brooklyn Bell Ashburnham There may have been two properties by this name. In 1915 a J Lewis lived at "Brooklyn", Norah Creek. And in 1954 Mr F Jeffcott put up for sale "Brooklyn" situated 14 miles from Molong on the Gumble Road, 11 miles from Manildra.
Browns' Flat Molong Ashburnham John Smith held a pastoral licence for Guanna Hill Station and Thomas Brown was a shepherd who worked there. The area took on the name of the shepherd which was later owned by Michael Dunn.
Bryan’s Flat Station Brymedura Ashburnham Part of the Molong Run and became part of Gamboola. In 1885 it was reported that some prospectors had struck gold on Bryan's Flat, some 2½ miles from town, but only in small quantities.
Brymedura several parishes Ashburnham Large area of land along the Meranburn, Gumble and Garra creek systems. The name has been given different meanings but may have something to do with malee hens nest. Either W C Wentworth or his son took up this tract of land which consisted of many thousands of acres and extended along the Mandagery and Gumble Creeks towards Cumnock.The acreage was eventually reduced, some other names associated with the area have been Towns, Stewart & Furlong, Thurkin, Boyd, Edward Finch, McCullem and Frazer Churchill.
Buckhobble (Bocoble) Brymedura Ashburnham Garra and Pinecliff area Bocoble creek runs to Mandagery Ck
Buckhoble (Bocoble)Gap Brymedura Ashburnham Pinecliff area
Burgoon   Gordon Property in Cumnock District 
Burragundy     Once part of Loombah nr Cumnock
Burrawariang Creek   Ashburnham This place is believed to be associated with Molong Creek appearing on a plan dated March 1829 by Surveyor J B Richards.
Burrawong Run several parishes Gordon This area is located near Cumnock. A book has been written by Alan Roberts in 1972 titled "Burrawong and John Young".
Burr Flat Molong Ashburnham Property of William Farrell at Amaroo.
Burwood Farm Molong Ashburnham Located 3 miles from Amaroo Railway Station, and 5 miles from Molong.
Byrnedale Molong Ashburnham At Peabody Road (Ted Evers)
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Caleula Hills Larras Lake Wellington Between Mullion Creek and Kerr's Creek a flour mill was in operation in the mid 1800's.
Calula Creek / Caleula Larras Lake Wellington This locality has had various spellings some being Caloola, Calola and Kiloola.
Calula View   Wellington Located a Belgravia was the home of Mr Denis Fahy in 1929.
Canomadine     Cargo area
Cannonberry Bell Ashburnham Property of William Anthony Petrie and later owned by the Barrett family. Part of Killenbutta near Garra
Cardington Cardington Gordon Variously known as Cardington Station or Cardington Hall was settled by the Boulton Brothers then John McNevin. Other owners have been Doyle, Carr, Pye, lawrence, Halloran, Davidson and Bunting. A large portion of the property was sold in 1905 by the Carr family to Mr James Lee of "Larras Lake". The homestead remained in the hands of the Carr family. The properety has a Bell River frontage.
Cargo Gold Fields Cargo Ashburnham The goldfields was first proclaimed about February 1869 and Mining operations are being carried on today. Some names associated with this area have been Long Gully, Township Gully, Graveyard Gully, Scrape Rock Gully, Tin-dish Gully, Cooper Gully, Gum Flat Gully, Copper Gully, Ironclad mine and Golden clad mine. There was also the White Horse Hotel.
Cave Creek Canoblas or Edinburgh Ashburnham On the Cargo Road and has been known by various names, Little Caves or Giants causeway. Cave Creek is the head waters for Oaky Creek. In 1896 Robert Scott of Mount Esk mentioned in a letter to the newspaper that Mr McDonalds place was called Cave Creek but its name was really Cave Mount and was about 1½ miles from Cave Creek.
Calabash Molong Ashburnham In the Amaroo area the land was selected by Mathew Boland.
Chance Farm Boomey Wellington Selected by Nicholas Quirk near Boomey.
Charlemont     Located in the Copper Hill area just north of Molong. Owned by David Dalziell.
Cheeseman’s Creek Boree Nyrang Ashburnham Part of Boree Run. James Keenan purchased the licence for Cheeseman's Creek from A C Hood. Apparently there was a Harry Cheeseman who worked as a shepherd for Mr Lawson and he lived in a hut near this creek. The area once had a working Post Office.
Cherry Hill Brymedura Ashburnham C H Packham’s property
Chessington   Wellinton Part of the Larras Lake Settlement area. This property was situated 10 miles from Molong.
Chilworth Gregra Ashburnham Property of Joseph Wren in the Gregra area near Manildra.
Chinaman's Hill Eurimbla Gordon Located at Claremont, Larras Lee. Chinese men and their families grew vegetables on the creek flats where Jew's Creek joins the Bell River.
Church Hill Farm & Churchview     Christian Miller had "Church Hill Farm" near Cumnock and R S J Miller "Churchview"
Claremont Three Rivers Wellington Owned by Sidney J Lee
Clifton Brymedura Ashburnham Packham property near Garra and Pinecliffe
Coffee Hill Canoblas Ashburnham About 1870 was a sheep station, afterwards a saw mill was erected which employed a number of people. About 20 farmers settled in the area but the saw mill closed by 1884 and in 1896 there were only 7 farmers left. The Hill itself is in the Parish of Bowan.
Condolphine Gregra Ashburnham Residence of John Sharpless in 1907.
Cooper's Flat   Wellington Near Euchareena (formerly known as Warne). In 1896 George Lyons lived at Cooper's Flat.
Copper Hill Copper Hill Wellington The Copper Hill Estate was sold in 1924 to Mr Bruce Webb from the estate od the late Mr H J Radnedge. The property included the site of the first copper mine opened in NSW. The Land was origianally granted to Rev. Samuel Marsden about 1832. It was leased by A C Hood about the time the Molong Mining Company was in operation and in 1850 it was purchased by James Edward Kelly who built the original homestead. About 1970 the property was sold to Amax Mining who sold in 1973 to Mulwala Station Pty Ltd.
Copper Hill Mine Copper Hill Wellington It is 3 miles north of Molongon the eastern side of Molong Creek. Originally part of Molong Run. The mine was worked by an English company who brought out cornish miners as workers. Mr (later Sir) Saul Samuel was the Managing Director and promoter. A township developed on the flat opposite the site of the Copper Hill homestead. Mr Martel erected and opened the first pub. By 1852 the men had packed up and moved on to the Turon Rush. It was said gold was found at Buckley's Mount, joining the old copper mine. Today Golden Cross Resources has applied for an exploration licence on the area.
Cragwood Gamboola Wellington Once part of Erambie, about 800 acres was sold to Dr Lawson.
Cronger Peek or Cronger Park Boomey Wellington About 1900 was the property of Mr Emanuel Thompson.
Crystal Springs Bell Ashburnham Norah Creek area situated about 4 miles from Molong near Redbank. In 1924 Crystal Springs Settlement purchase area were offered Portions 109, 51, 32, 38, 112, 111, 115, 33, 176 and 175 of 686 acres Parish of Bell County of Ashburnham. C B Giffin advertised caution for the property in 1925. In 1935, T H Garlan was living in the area. as was T F Smith in 1945.
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Dalmeny Brymedura Ashburnham In the Pinecliff area south of Molong. In1976 it was the home of Mr and Mrs E Evans.
Dandarbang Boomey Wellington Located 18 kms from Molong opposite the present Central Highlands Vineyard.
Darnley Farm Copper Hill Wellington Property of George Neville located near The Shades.
Davy’s Plains Boree Cabonne Ashburnham Cudal area 
Delaney's Dyke Gold Mine Dilga Ashburnham About 1887 the sons of John Delaney, John Joseph and Celceus Delaney, discovered gold near Gumble Creek. Production was from 1887-1891 yeilding 5,500 ounces, the highest paying mine in the Molong district at the time. The mine was about 12 miles (19 kms) west of Molong.
Derowie Cudal Ashburnham Part of Toogong Run on Boree Ck
Devil's Hole     In 1887 Thomas Cupitt was a farmer at Devil's Hole some 4 miles from Molong. His neighbour was John Williams. DO YOU KNOW WHERE THIS IS LOCATED?
Digger’s Gully Brymedura Ashburnham Near Bocoble Gap
Dilga   Gordon Property was 9 miles from Cumnock and 20 miles from Molong.
Dochendoras Ponds Boree Nyrang Ashburnham A chain of ponds on portion 5 and 33 in the parish of Boree Nyrang.
Dovedale Park Gamboola Wellington Tantallon near Nandillyan Ponds. The original grant to Joseph Taylor was Let to Thomas Kite. It had 8 miles of Chain of Ponds and the main road to Wellington passes the estate.John Smith bought it in 1849 and passed it onto his son Claude who sold it to William Hood.
Dunrobin   Ashburnham In the Meranburn area the home of George Cassell in 1924.
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Eadevale   Wellington Near Euchareena a merino stud and wheat farm owned by J W Eade.
Edinboro Cargo Ashburnham Canomodine creek runs through the property. Once owned by Catherine, Michael and Daniel O'Neill.
Elmhurst Copper Hill Wellington In 1925 D Piggott offered the plant and stock for sale.
Erambie Gamboola & Molong Wellington & Ashburnham Once part of Molong Run and later known as Kite’s Swamp. Erambie is believed to be a corruption of the aboriginal word "Merambie" meaning crayfish. Some owners have been Mr Hebden, George Magill and Mr Mackay and Mr R B Glasson.
Erehwon Brymedura Ashburnham In 1928 was the home of J A Brooks near Garra. The name in reverse says "nowhere".
Ermilo     In the Norah Creek area it was the home of Mr G R McKenzie in 1976.
Euchareena Warne Wellington First known as Warne but changed its name after the railway line came through. There was some confusion when the guard would call the station name for passengers to get off. They thought they were at Warren past Dubbo.
Eumone   Ashburnham Possibly a house name located in Manildra township. In 1922 a Miss Delmar Huxley was advertising to receive pupils for piano and organ theory.
Eurimbla     Cumnock area
Eurow Copper Mine     Was operating in the Murga area before 1899.