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We paid a visit to London

We finally made our trip to London in December 2003. We couldn't go without visiting the some family history places so with the limited amount of time we chose to visit Leytonstone and Leyton.

Why Leytonstone?

Laurence Mackenzie and his family are listed in the 1881 Census for Leyton, Essex, England as living at "Mount Carron" Barry Terrace, Hanault Road, Leyton. He was aged 57 and his wife, Harriett was aged 47. With them were two sons, Herbert (age 15) and Alexander (age 10). Laurence' occupation was as a Lithographer and he worked in London at the Featherstone buildings located between High Holbourn and Bedford Street which is not far from Lincolns Inn.

Finding the house!

Things have slightly changed since 1881 and Leyton and Leytonstone are now part of London's eastern suburbs. Stephen and I took the underground train to Leytonstone which seemed to be the closest railway station to Hainault Road. We walked down Fairlop Road to the T intersection with Hainault Road. Not knowing which direction to go we set off in our search for the house by first heading back towards Leyton Street or the High Road. when we came to the T intersection we turned back. On the way we spoke to a Postman but he could not shed any light on the name of the house or its location but then he only delivered in the lower part of Hainault road from Fairlop Road.

We went back to the corner of Fairlop Road and Hainault Road and a little further on to the corner of Essex Road South (formerly known as Mountgrove Road). Stephen went off to the other end of Hainault Road while I turned back to wait on a seat at the church on the corner of Hainault and Fairlop. In turning back I looked up to a group of four houses as one terrace and there it was, "Barry Terrace 1879". I had found it but by this time Stephen had moved further down Hainault Road and he could not hear me calling after him. So I had to wait for him to come back.

Four houses in one terrace group was more than we expected to find naturally the houses do not now show which one would have been "Mount Carron" but this didn't matter. Later when we were speaking to a salesman in a map shop in Covent Garden he did not realise that there were houses at Leytonstone as early as 1879 but we could tell him there must have been because we had found the one we were looking for out there.

Alexander Mackenzie, lived at Leytonstone when he was 10 years old. In the 1871 Census the family were living in the Featherstone Buildings at Holborn, Alexander was born there. We visited this area while we were in London in 2003 and looked for the Featherstone buildings, unfortunately these were destroyed in the bombing between 1939-1945 and have been replaced with a more modern structure with lots of glass.

By the 1901 Census, Laurence Mackenzie had moved to 12 Russell Road, Leyton with his son Harry (Herbert). This was just before he moved to Orange, New South Wales, Australia to live. His son, Alexander Mackenzie was established in Orange as an accounts clerk.

L Mackenzie and sons

Alexander Mackenzie came to Australia in the late 19th century. He settled in Orange, New South Wales, Australia. His second eldest son, Lawrence Mackenzie operated two butcher shops and a small goods factory in Orange until his death in 1957.

L Mackenzie & Sons small goods delivery van


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