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Molong Historical Society Inc. aims to encourage the study of Australian history and the history of Molong and adjoining districts in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia. Continuing to collect and preserve historical artifacts and records.

A short history
The 1964 Molong Show created an interest in preserving the history of Molong and District by displaying an antique collection. The Molong Apex Club with the help of Molong Shire Council and interested townsfolk formed the Molong Historical Society.

May 1965 was the first Annual General Meeting. The foundation President was Mrs Murray-Wilcox. A room behind the then Rural Bank was rented and opened as a museum in June 1967, it was soon filled with exhibits. A more permanent building was found at 20 Riddell Street, Molong and was opened in November 1970. The Historical Collection has remained in this building.
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The Society Today
Many historically minded volunteers and groups generously support the Society. One such group is the "Old Fairbridgians". A room in the museum has been dedicated to the history of  Molong's Fairbridge Farm located at Bob's Creek, Amaroo.

Regular Society meetings are held on the second Saturday of every month. Applications for membership are welcome. Come and join our friendly group of volunteers and continue to preserve the heritage of Molong and District.

The Molong Historian

The Society's journal was discontinued after Volume Five. Each volume contains thirty issues covering many interesting articles on Local and Family History about Molong and it's Districts. When sufficient articles suitable for publication are available further issues may be published in the future.

Copies can be found at the Molong Historical Museum and the National Library of Australia in Canberra. Check your local Library for details.

Back issues can be purchased from the Museum.
  • Volume 1 (March 1972 - April 1977)
  • Volume 2 (June 1977 - April 1982)
  • Volume 3 (June 1982 - April 1987)
  • Volume 4 (June 1987 - April 1992)
  • Volume 5 (June 1992 - April 1997)
Editor: Mr. David Rutherford   and  Typesetter: Mrs Ruth Bigrigg

Molong Historical Society (Inc.)

20 Riddell Street (cnr Riddell & Gidley), Molong, NSW 2866, Australia.

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Molong Museum

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general enquiry email (molonghistoricalsociety at gmail dot com)

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