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Research (fees apply to all enquiries, letter or E-mail)
A reasonable fee (amount supplied on application) or donation will help continue research projects. Extra costs will be billed where appropriate (postage, travel etc.).

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Current Local History Projects

Land and Parish Maps

The Land and Property Information Service of NSW is currently preserving early editions of land Parish Maps in digital form. They can be found at the the following site. Search the LPI Parish Maps site.

To help you in this search of parish maps go to my parish map sketch to find out some parish names and locations.

Warning: The graphic is large and may take some time to load.

Some property names in the Molong District

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Local Newspapers   
A life events index was being compiled from both the Molong Express and the Molong Argus. The index is only partly completed and can be searched for family names. Currently a sample from the Molong Argus 1896 to 1899 can be viewed here.  Alternatively, visit the excellent website known as TROVE (National Library of Australia).

There are over 1,500 hard copy issues of the Molong Express held by the Society. Most of the early years are only intermittent issues. It was not until Mr J. W. Horsfield began his extensive binding project in 1971 that regular issues of the newspaper were kept for historical use by the Society.

Access to Molong Newspapers
The Molong Express has been microfilmed by W. & F. Pascoe Pty. Ltd. Imaging. And can be viewed at the Orange City Library and
State Library of New South Wales.
The Molong Argus has been microfilmed by Gosford Micrographics Pty. Ltd. And can be viewed at the
State Library of NSW  and 
 Orange City Library.

Molong Cemetery information page

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