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Robert's Home Page comes from Hallett Cove, in south western  Adelaide, South Australia, where I have lived since March 1987. 

Probably the best known feature of Hallett Cove is the Conservation Park which includes a number of rock formations and glacial rock markings.  There are a number of walking trails in the park and it joins the coastal trail which runs north along the cliff tops to Marino Rocks and beyond.

Waterfall Creek runs through the middle of the Conservation Park. Its source is in the higher regions of Hallett Cove and it runs through the park to the coast. In the photo, upper left, it can be seen approximately in the centre of the picture. Just before it enters the park there is a stormwater dam and further upstream it runs through a short but deep gorge. I live above this gorge.

Also visible in the photo, upper right, is a formation known as The Amphitheatre. One of the walking paths runs through this area.
The photo at right centre was taken on the beach alongside the park and shows the coastal cliffs. The view is looking south.
The picture at lower right shows some of the glacial rock scratchings which are found on the cliff tops in the centre picture. 

Another creek not in the park, the Field River, has its mouth further south, a little to the right of the picture. This creek has been the source of some dinosaur bones during the 1990's.


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 Waterfalls on Waterfall Creek (only about 1 metre high)


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Aerial view of Hallett Cove

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Hallett Cove coastline

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Glacial rock scratching at Hallett Cove



Sunset, Hallett Cove




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