Joseph Shepherd 1804-1862

Joseph Shepherd, son of John Shepherd and Susanna Scoresby went to sea also, and his first voyage was probably on a boat captained by William Scoresby snr. Joseph also became a ship's captain, then ship owner.

Joseph Shepherd became very wealthy and endeavoured to do what he could for his native village - Appleton-le-Moors. In 1841 he employed a schoolmaster to educate the children of the village, which included many of his nephews and nieces. This lasted until December 1843. He also built a hall in the village.

In 1843 he assisted his brother in law and sister (Robert & Ann Shepherd) and their family to emigrate to South Australia. They sailed on one of his ships - the Francis Spaight. This ship was wrecked in Table Bay, Capetown, South Africa in 1846.

In the period 1841-1845 Joseph operated in partnership with his wife's brother in law, John Lidgett. For a short time they dealt in guano found on some islands near Angra Pequena but after a disagreement the partnership was disolved and the former partners established their own shipping businesses, both successful.

Ships owned by Joseph included (with approximate periods of ownership where known):

Agra (? 1851-)

Francis Spaight (1839-1846)

The Francis Spaight was a barque of 368 tons, built at Sunderland in 1835 for its first owner - Francis Spaight. Joseph Shepherd was its 3rd owner. Voyages it made while owned by Joseph were from London to Bombay (1841/1842), London to Adelaide (1843/1844) and Liverpool to Bombay (1845/1846). On this voyage it was wrecked.

On its return voyage to England (March 1844) the Francis Spaight's cargo included wool, wheat, flax, gum, bark, copper ore, lead ore, flour, cheese and 6 boxes of specimens of natural history. The papers of the time described the cargo as the most diverse that had left South Australia up to that time, and the largest,being valued at 2,750.

? Gilbert Munro
Joseph Shepherd (1849-1860)
Louisa (1839-1852)
Mary Shepherd (1848-1854, 1858-1862)
Queen of the North
? Rookery
Scoresby (? 1858-)

In his lifetime he had endeavoured to improve conditions in his native village (Appleton-le-Moors) including funding a school for the children for some years. He assisted Robert & Ann to emigrate to Australia. Then he purchased a house in Appleton-le-Moors and converted it to a large country house.

In 1862 Joseph died suddenly, at Appleton-le-Moors, near the country house he had established there. His estate was valued at 70,000. The shipping business was continued for many years after Joseph's death but was eventually merged with that of John Lidgett.

Several years later his widow had a church built in the village in his memory, at a cost of 10,000. The church which is just across the road from the house Joseph had built has stained glass windows in memory of Joseph's parents - John Shepherd & Susanna Scoresby, Captain William Scoresby and William Scoresby.

Joseph's Appleton-le-Moors house remained in the Shepherd family for many years but after a succession of owners has now become a Country hotel.

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