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It's Our Territory

It's Our Territory was created so people felt compelled to sing along with the song, especially when it comes to the rousing chorus.

The Northern Territory is remarkably different from any other place in Australia. Territorians are generally very proud of their achievements and where they live. The song reflects this positive attitude and the community spirit of working together.

It's Our Territory is arguably the most compelling and powerful anthemic song yet recorded for the Northern Territory.  You don't have to be a Territorian to enjoy this song as it's power, feeling, and sound, is appreciated by people across Australia and around the world.

"When I feel flat or need motivating, I play this song.  Usually I turn the sound volume up high and by the time the song is finished I feel inspired.   Even though I authored the song over 20 years ago and heard it countless times, it still has a positive effect on me every time I hear it played."
Peter Barnes - Concept, title and lyrics (Author)

"Why isn't this the advert for the N.T. ...wow... what a great song."
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About the author...

Peter Barnes was born in Ballarat, Victoria, in 1953. His education included the Queen Street Public Primary School, followed by five years at Ballarat Central Technical School, and he then completed one year at the School of Mines Ballarat.  He moved to Melbourne to work as a graphic artist (retouching) for McEwens Hardware, then spent five years working for The Age newspaper as a press artist (including one year with Age Publications as a graphic designer). To cut a long story short, Peter's career eventually saw him attain the roles of general manager and creative director with leading advertising agencies in Darwin and Adelaide.  Peter has lived and worked in the Northern Territory and now resides in South Australia.  Today, he is self-employed with an online business.

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