The words (lyrics) to the song... 'Can you hear Australia's heroes marching?' have been requested to be used or read at commemorative ceremonies.

The global aspect of the internet has allowed many people from other countries to hear the song.  For instance a publishing house in Norway asked for the song.

"The Norwegian publishing house Aschehoug is about to publish a new series of English schoolbooks for 8-10th grade in the Norwegian market. In this new series, called Key English, we want to make use of the song "Can You Hear Australia's Heroes Marching".
Joakim Botten - Aschehoug Education

The song's YouTube channel has passed two million eight hundred thousand video views, with most viewing videos relating to the song.

The heroes song was created from Peter's experience in visiting the Adelaide River War Cemetery (114 kms south of Darwin) in the Northern Territory and seeing the graves of Australians who gave their lives in the service and defence of their country.  Peter felt he should do something within his capabilities to honour the memory of such incredible sacrifice.

A total of 434 war graves marked by bronze plaques are contained in the Adelaide River War Cemetery. The burials are made up of 14 airmen of the RAF, 12 unidentified men of the British Merchant Navy; one soldier of the Canadian Army; 18 sailors, 181 soldiers and 201 airmen of the Australian Forces and seven men of the Australian Merchant Navy. The Northern Territory Memorial to the Missing honours a further 292 Servicemen and women lost to the north of Australia. The adjacent civil section contains the graves of the nine Post Office staff killed on 19 February 1942 during the bombing of Darwin, one of 63 separate occasions from that date. The civilian casualties of WW2 include those of 31 Indigenous Australians.

"To stand on my homeland, surrounded by our war dead, who fought heroically to defend Australia and their loved ones down the track, was a profound experience and initiated the creation of the song."
Peter Barnes

Over 100,000 Australians have lost their lives in the service and defence of our country. Along with their mates, they're marching once again, in the towns and cities, across our great land.

The song is timeless and honours the memory of those who have died in the service and defence of Australia in war.

The marching theme of the song is especially powerful and supports the spirit of ANZAC Day.  The song does not glorify war or endorse conflict of any kind.  The song simply highlights the sacrifice of many Australians who died in the service and defence of our country in war.

The song has been used for commemorative purposes across Australia by schools, churches, choirs, bands, councils, retirement homes, military services, RSL branches and ANZAC tributes at NRL & AFL matches.

Radio stations throughout Australia have broadcast the song leading up to ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. The song is also requested to be played at funerals (for veterans).

Many Australians who lost their lives in war weren't thinking they could save the world or defeat evil regimes. As in the trenches of France, and the patrols in Vietnam, or on the Kokoda Track, Australians were looking after their mates alongside them.  Many Australian veterans march on ANZAC Day in memory of their mates left behind, and the ones that have passed on before them.

"We, the ACT TPI Association, have been asked by the Federation of the TPI Association to create the same CD using your song for a national campaign to Federal politicians.  The Federation has asked me to ask your permission to use your song on the national campaign.  They only intend sending the Cds to the Federal and other local State politicians.  For your information, we have found the CD of great benefit in informing our local politicians of just what is a TPI.   Could you please advise if your approval is given to the Federation using your song on the CD?"
TPI - Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex Servicemen and Women

"Last Sunday, the Brisbane Broncos played the Penrith Panthers at Suncorp Stadium in a round 7 NRL match. The match including the ceremony was shown live on Fox Sports. At 2.25pm there was a special Anzac tribute and your wonderful song was played as the special guests, match officials and both teams entered the stadium. They walked on in staggered starts escorted by Army service personnel to the music and it was absolutely wonderful. They all lined up in one line and the 'toss' was performed by an 85 yr old POW veteran.  The Qld Premier with match referee and both team captains.  The Qld President of the RSL read the Ode and a Navy bugler played the Last Post.  It was a very moving few minutes and everyone loved it. You should be very proud of your song. Thanks again for permitting us to use the song.   I have played it probably 30 times over the last month. It moves me every time, the words are reflective of our appreciation for these men & women."
Brian McGrath - Operations Manager - Brisbane Broncos Football Club

*The song was requested to be used again for the ANZAC tribute in the 2007 round 7 NRL match when the Brisbane Broncos played Melbourne Storm.  This was the third time the song has been requested to be played by the Brisbane Broncos for their ANZAC tribute.  It was also used in 2004 and 2006.  The song was used as part of the ANZAC tribute in the 2008 round 7 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the South Sydney Rabbitohs on ANZAC Day, 25 April, at Suncorp Stadium.

"The CD was great. We put it over the P.A. system in the park on ANZAC Day and the whole town has been humming the tune ever since."
Collie Cardiff RSL - Western Australia

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Peter Barnes initiated this song in March 2001.  He is the author (and copyright owner) of the song and he created the concept, title and lyrics.

'Can you hear Australia's heroes marching?' © Peter Barnes 2001 - 2015. All Rights Reserved. Music Composition: Darren Mullan. Darren also sings the song. All content on this page and on the video remains the property of the respective copyright holders. The song may not be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever.  Any unaurthosied manipulation of the song will be defended legally.

Other Australian songs by the author...

It's Our Territory

A song for the Northern Territory. Arguably, the most compelling anthemic song yet recorded for the Northern Territory.  You don't have to be a Territorian to enjoy this song as its power, feeling, and sound, is appreciated by people across Australia and around the world.

Peter has authored three songs for the Northern Territory, 'It's Our Territory', 'This Northern Place Of Mine' and 'It's A Great Place'.   There is a video on YouTube with the three Territory songs together.

The South Australian Government liked the Territory songs so much it gave Peter the opportunity to author a state song for South Australia (see below).   In a sense, that indicates how good these songs are, and especially 'It's Our Territory'.

It's Our Territory (concept, title and lyrics) Author - © Peter Barnes 1996 - 2015. All Rights Reserved. Singer Andy Seymour.

South Australia - It's My Home

A state song commissioned by the South Australian Government.

On November 3, 2001, the Public Primary Schools Music Festival Choir sung the song at the swearing-in ceremony of South Australia's new Governor, Her Excellency Mrs Marjorie Jackson- Nelson AC CVO MBE.

"'South Australia - It's My Home' is a wonderful song."
Her Excellency Marjorie Jackson-Nelson AC CVO MBE
Governor of South Australia

Performances of this state song to date include South Australian Government functions and community presentations, Davis Cup Tie against Germany, Showdown matches between the Adelaide Crows and Port Power, Olympic Flame arrival celebrations in Adelaide, and International World Environment Day.

More than ten thousand young South Australians learnt the song when it was included in the ‘Song Book’ for State Public Primary Schools in 2001.  The song was sung during the State Public Primary School Festival of Music at the Adelaide Festival Centre in August 2001.

The song has also been broadcast on radio stations in Adelaide and country regions of South Australia, including South Australia Day.

The song was broadcast on television to millions of people worldwide at the 2000 Olympic soccer games at Hindmarsh Stadium.

South Australia - It's My Home (concept, title and lyrics) Author - © Peter Barnes 1999 - 2015.  All Rights Reserved. Music composition: Lachlan McLeod. Arrangement: Stephen Richter. Choral arrangement: Rosemary Nairn. Thanks to: Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Department of Education, Training and Employment, SA Public Primary Schools Music Society and Hawthorndene Primary School

"I am French and I really love your songs 'it's our territory' and 'it's my home'.  Is there a way to get legally the Mp3 files of these two songs?   I went twice to Australia, and sure it's really a wonderful country with so friendly people!"

All material published on this page is protected by copyright law. Apart from fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced or reused for any commercial purposes whatsoever.

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