Jupiter Images April 19 2005, Australia

Jupiter at approx 9:00 pm ACST
Jupiter at appox 10:00 pm ACST, note movement of the moons
Jupiter at appox 9:00 pm ACST, not gamma adjusted

Jupiter from Largs Bay, Adelaide, Australia (Lat 34 55' S, Longitude 138 35' E) on April 19, 2005. Exposures were about an hour apart, you can (just) see the rotation of features in Jupiters atmosphere, and the movement of Europa (Euro) and Ganymead (Gan). In between I rotated the Webcam while realining Jupiter. The second image is of preceptably lower quality and with spherical distortion, possibly due to the orientation of the image on the camera chip. I lost some cloud detail on the first two images when gamma adjusting the image so the moons were visible on the web page. The righthand unadjusted image shows more of the cloud detail (and is closer in colour to how I saw it) while losing the mooons.

The images aren't hubble quality of course, but they were taken with a $100 web cam adapted to a small telescope, not a $1000 comercial astro imaging camera. Not bad if I say so myself.

Images taken using a QuickCam color Webcam mounted on a York Optical 114 mm Newtonian reflector using Steven Mogg's webcam adaptor. Vega 1.2 was used to drive the camera (Auto brigntess OFF, Brightness = 165, Video quality = better, exposure time = mid range). AVI's of 1 second duration, 30 frames per second were aquired. Post processing was stacking of 36 images from the AVI in Registax3 with wavelet adjustment of 10 and slight gamma correction in Paintshop. The weird colours are due to Registrax's saving of the processed bitmaps.

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