Lunar Mosaics, Australia

Click on image for full size view. 20/04/05 Three days past first quarter. Prominent features are Mare Imridium, Mare Insularum and Oceanus Procellarum. The prominent "Bulls-eye" crater is Gassendi.
Click on image for full size view. 15/05/05 One day before first quarter, fairly bad turbulence. Terminator runs past Mare Serenititas, Montes Appenius, Theophilus, Cyrillus and Catharina. The prominent crater near the top is Maurolycus

Series of Lunar mosaics from Largs Bay, Adelaide, Australia (Lat 34 55' S, Longitude 138 35' E). Needs a bit more work. Like actually getting the overlap right while imaging, and why does the exposure intensity differ from shot to shot when I don't change any exposure settings? The images also appear slightly distorted north-south.

Images taken using a QuickCam color Webcam mounted on a York Optical 114 mm Newtonian reflector using Steven Mogg's webcam adaptor. Vega 1.2.2 was used to drive the camera (Auto brigntess OFF, Brightness = 165, Video quality = better, exposure time = mid range). AVI's of 1 second duration, 30 frames per second were aquired. Post processing was stacking of 36 images from the AVI in Registax3 with wavelet adjustment of 10 and slight gamma correction in Paintshop. The individual frames were stitched together with iPhoto plus 4.

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