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For years now people have discarded God, rejected Him. They have all the answer and have no need of God. They are the masters of the universe until an invisible virus brings an abrupt halt to the world. Until now, we live in an era where things are happening out of the control of human beings. I am reminded of this verse… Ps 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! The Virus What a reality check for a lot of people including our leftist millenniums. Oh, something we have little control over. Far too many people think that life is in their control and do their own thing. Where is the reality? What is truth? This virus is real and highly contagious. There is much about it that is unknown. There are many unanswered questions. Much of it is out of our control. It is truth, you cannot fabricate a story to get around it. Truth and reality have come home to roost. It is mythical to think life is without struggles, trials and
tribulations. Back midway through the last century many couples got married then lived with their parents or in laws. Very few families had a car, if so, it was usually second hand. This of course was the real world. They were happier than most of the millenniums who have become unhappy by their own thinking. In those days the divorce rate was much lower than it is today. In years past, many people experienced wars and the depression. They did it tough. I remember talking to a lady whose husband was away at war for three year. Yes, three years. Of course many did not return. That is hardship. That it reality! Then in 2020 there is a difficult time for all. The virus strikes. It is the first time for ages something has occurred that we have little control over. It will be a very tough time on those who have been on easy street. Now we have a self centred people who do no have a belief in God. They told us God is unnecessary. Human have all the answers? If you doubt how human nature behaves then look at those people who went into stockpile mode. Buying up the toilet paper. Travelling a couple hundred kilometres to raid local shops and strip the shelves bare of their necessities. I have evidence to that affect. The supermarkets needed to act quicker. The Aldi store in Mt. Barker did a really bright move, they opened an hour later. All this did for the customer was to give the ‘raiders’ time to travel up from the city and elsewhere. The powers at be do not understand what real quarantine means. Much of the measures implemented in this country were weeks too late. Just last week (third week of March) a group of American tourist who were in the Barossa had to be placed in quarantine. Several tested positive. Handy! Most of the media, with their reputation for fake news, have been unhelpful during this disaster because they cannot be trusted. Many have majored on it as if nothing else has happened. To suggest the media has been responsible is very questionable. So much of the media relies on a significant event! People have complained to me that the media have hyped the situation up with fear and hysteria. I
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