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Comments on things happening around us.
Quotes from around and about.
Over many years of working with people, dealing with broken and hurt people, I have put together a comprehensive series on love and relationships.
Depression and emotional issues are becoming more prevalent in our communities. Much of this is because of the stressful lifestyle people choose to live.
Depression. What about the spiritual side? Don’t be deceived when people say that it is a lack of faith if you are depressed. Many great Christians have travelled down the dark side of life.
A collection of writings and articles gathered over the years written by a variety of people.
Quotes on life.
Been stressed out. Burnt out in your work place. Here is a simple explanation of what happens. It can be applied in many other aspects of our life.
Depression. For young people. Going to school and feeling the pressure. Feeling a little out of sorts. Here are some of the signs.