Welcome to Hannaview. This site is unashamedly Christian Reform based. There is a huge consequence in rejecting God and His principles. We are witnessing the fragmentation of our society. The chaos. There is a concerted attack on the family. Destroy the family and you will eventually destroy the nation. We are being bombarded with propaganda of all kinds, in particular, from the Left (anti Christian). Included in this is fake news. Gas-lighting and manipulation. Lies and more lies. The media has a lot to answer for. They deliberately leave out that which doesn’t fit their agenda or narrative. Truth - if you are a post modernist, truth is what you make it. In reality there is but one truth and that is God’s truth. There is less and less accountability in our society. Corruption is rife. Common sense is or has disappeared. ‘Political correct’ is the order of the day. Or ‘wokeness.’ While the Left is pushing hard with their socialistic agenda, or beyond to Marxism! Yet, most people do nothing, it is their mindset, all too hard! But all is out to destroy free speech and democracy. It is the hidden agenda of the evil one. Globalisation is constantly being promoted. More precisely One World Government. Controlled by unelected protected bureaucrats as per the EU. Like multiculturalism, globalisation is a failure too! You are witnessing the demise of the world. Chaos! Don’t be fooled, there will be no revival among the Gentiles. God is in control!
You can make life as simple or as complex as you want it. Most people choose the latter!!
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Jesus Christ the Lord and Saviour is the answer, He holds the key.
30 th Nov