Volvo V70 Window switch block modification


The Volvo V70 window switch block can fail when the switch contacts become dirty or pitted due to arcing. Eventually it will fail and the electrical resistance of the contacts can become high enough to cause enough heat to melt the plastic movement inside the switch.

The following modification reduces the current flowing through the switch from 16 amps (when the window motor has stalled in the fully up or down position) to about .001 amps (1ma) therefore the switch life is increased dramatically.



††††††††††† Circuit diagram of the relay module

Relay module mounted on driverís side door

††††††††††† Relay Module zoomed out

††††††††††† Removal of door panel image 1

††††††††††† Removal of door panel image 2

††††††††††† Removal of door panel image 3

††††††††††† Circuit diagram of module



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