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Digital Photography - Tips, articles, reviews of cameras, and galleries
ImageShack - Host your images on the Web - Online Photo Albums - Photo Sharing | Photography and Studio Lighting - Do It Yourself - What it says. Creating your own studio equipment on a budget, from stuff you can buy in a hardware store.
Light box - Make your own
deviantART: Forums: DIY photo projects - Pretty much what it says. Advice on creating your own studio equipment on a budget.

Art/drawing related sites

The Elfwood Project - Galleries, tutorials for artists and writers. Mostly oriented to science fiction and fantasy, but the tutorials are generally useful to all types.
Scanning basics 101 - Tips and info about scanning and digital images generally.
123 Bishoujo! - Drawing manga for the non-artist (or non-expert artist). Be warned - many pop-ups!
Basic Anatomy - a deviation by Merrypaws - Just what it says: good basic tips on drawing basic anatomy; often the most difficult part to get right, and the most important part.
FreakingNews - Photoshop Contests
Dragon Paint Art Tutorials - Useful tutorials of all sorts, especially drawing and Photoshop.
Wilbur's Wiki - GIMP Tutorials - A wiki with tuorial advice for using The GIMP.

Writing stuff

Weekly Writing Tips
The Easy Way to Write a Novel
Archives of Writing Tips
Piers Anthony's Home page
ADWOFF Message Board - Discussion board for fans of Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb - An online community for writers (and readers) of all sorts. Basic membership is free, additional features are available at cost.
The 100 Most Important Things To Know About Your Character

Fun & Games

Newspaper Clipping Generator - Create your own clipping Homepage
Computer stupidities - Some people should not be allowed near a computer...

Music -+- The Archive of Misheard Lyrics
Overview of WinMusic
The Camelot "Pub" Jukebox
mamarocks - MIDI files of various popular tunes
Free MP3 music downloads - Music
Winamp Home Page
Tom Smith Online - "Music in every style - except dull"

Tech-related stuff (Internet, Web page design, etc.)

Whirlpool - Australian broadband news. Also has links to Broadband Choice, a resource to help find the best broadband in Australia.
Mako4CSS - Helpful site for creating CSS pages.
So, You Want An External JavaScript, Huh? - Pretty much what it sounds like - a guide to creating and linking an external JavaScript file to your HTML page.
HTMLDog - Good practical tutorials for HTML and CSS.
HTML Colour Code Combination Chooser - Lets you try out different combinations of Colours for your web page, and gives hex codes to insert into your HTML.
The Ultimate Boot CD - Lots and lots of useful tools to diagnose and restore a computer, in a single ISO image. - Bootdisks, and articles on how to fix and restore a computer. - Portable applications that you can put on a USB drive

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