Some of my drawings...

Note: Images marked with * are rather large and may take a while to load if you have a slower connection.

Most of my stuff is on my deviantART page (at least the good ones are!), but I still have some of my older items here, along with any items that aren't really suitable for deviantART...

I <3 Amazons mug : A mug that I photoshopped, as the result of a remark made by someone on the DMFA Forum.

Merlitz Firecasting : A fanart of Merlitz, from DFMA. He's getting ready to cast a fire spell, looks like.

Female face *: A sketch of a female face that I drew one evening.

My avatar on The Nice : My current avatar, that I use on the Freefall forum.
I also have a large sized version *, and some older versions:

version 1   version 2   version 3

My avatar character, standing : I rather like this one - it's come out really well.

My forum sig : For a while, I had a sig file for the forums. I gave up using it because it's a bit too garish, and frankly it was a bit of a nuisance.

My EGS Avatar : This is an avatar that I made for use on the EGS forums. I've since replaced it with a new (and completely different) one.

Holographic Xmas tree : A GIF animation I did, of a "holographic" Christmas tree.

Halloween Helix : Helix from Freefall, painted up as a pumpkin for Halloween. (Helix is Mark Stanley)

Seasons Greetings (animation) : A Christmas animation.

A sexy pose *: Female character in a sexy pose

Lost in the Storm : Not actually a drawing, but it fits here. A music video I created for the webcomic Freefall.

More drawings...

My Photobucket account where I keep a load of other drawings and artlike stuff...

My deviantART page Another place I have artlike stuff...

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