House 1 - the Concept in 1993

Constructed of Hebel Block and industrial grade white Colorbond roofing, a family house is 335sqm (36sqrs) of living area. Located 298 metres (978 feet) ASL on the northern slope of a hill, overlooking the Barossa Valley in South Australia, the various features in the design are our way of meeting a list of the requirements defined before commencing the project.

The house was the first in the Barossa Valley to use the Waffle Pod type of foundation.

The home had to provide the following;

    Bedroom for each family member large enough to be a retreat.
    No active heating and/or cooling (to be achieved naturally).
    A functional, light and roomy kitchen.
    A multi-purpose room for business, but easily converted to a "granny flat" if required.
    A family room - large enough to handle the family's activities.
    The parents retreat - close enough to the family room to monitor the children but may be isolated to provide privacy.
Fifteen years of dreaming came up with the final floor plan for our house.

The positioning of the house was greatly determined by the direction the block faced re the sun's path during the seasons. Hebel AAC block was chosen for the walls because of its insulation qualities, its light weight and the fact that it was so easy to shape into the angles needed for the house.

Full advantage was taken when the Courtyard opening, ended up facing South (up the hill in our case), this allowed the air that naturally flowed down the hill to form a "pool" of cool air in the courtyard. This may be used for cooling the house through open windows, acting like an airconditioner.

As it was in 1996 The verandas were designed to shade the northerly facing windows during the summer, but allow the sun to penetrate in the winter months; warming the slate flooring, and retaining the warmth for the cold winter nights.

The office that was built at the end of one wing is designed to be converted to a Granny Flat for elderly parents should the need arise. Simply by adding a bathroom section we were able to give them their own privacy and entrance but still allow them to be close to the meals area when they wish to be involved with the family.


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