The Gear Ratio dilemma

When using the Landrover for farming duties there is a need to drive at certain speeds and know which gear has the next higher (or lower) ratio for slight increase (decrease) in speed. The problem is aggravated when using the P.T.O. One has to keep the engine revs constant to run a piece of attached equipment such as a spraying unit or planter.

It's also more complex when a Fairy overdrive is installed. [No, I don't have a way of installing BOTH at the same time!...ed.] David Brown tractors overcame the problem of navigating three gear-levers on their 990 models by pop-rivetting a guide near the steering wheel. It shows the position of the gear levers for each progressive ratio.

So, I've done the same for my Series 3 diesel Landrover with its overdrive combination. All Landrovers are ratioed in the same order although the actual ratios do change a little.

The table below shows from the lowest speed (highest ratio) to highest speed (lowest ratio)

Gear Ratio Table

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