Welcome to my homepage. You will be able to view material relating to my research, publications, teaching at Southern Cross University and consultancy activity. Once you enter the site just use the menu bar to navigate your way around.

You will also be able to follow links to a variety of organisations that I either have a personal interest in or have actually worked for in some capacity e.g. as a coach.

My coaching experience lies within both professional rugby league and rugby union. As a result, you will find details of publications, conference presentations, research and consultancy relating predominantly to these two sports.

I've been lucky enough to work with some of the best coaches, support staff and players in the World and never fail to learn from them.

Working in elite sport can be the most challenging and at the same time rewarding thing we can do as coaches. The most successful people in this environment are the ones that constantly question what they do and are always open to new perspectives and ideas. Part of this process includes using published research to help guide and inform decision making.

Perhaps in this web site you might find some ideas that will help you to become a better coach...I hope so.

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