Being a letter written to the Advertiser a week ago, of course they wont print it because:

a) It is too long and

b) Their owner would have had a fit!

Many of your readers are quick to blame the Government, the Treasurer or the banks when the fault is worldwide and more pervasive.

Consider unemployment. The 27 Euro nations have a record unemployment figure of 11.6% with an under 25's rate of 22%. Greece and Spain both have an unemployment rate in excess of 25% - Greece is said to to be in recession for over 6 years and Spain has a youth unemployment of over 50%.

Britain and the USA have almost 8% unemployment and in America the Occupy Wall Street movement makes it clear that in recent decades lower and middle class wages have fallen while the 1% have benefited. Demonstrations have taken place in London and a 48 hour strike has been called in November for Greece and Spain.

Many countries in Africa, South America, and Asia are poverty stricken with millions starving. In the Middle East and North Africa, wars, insurrection and food security are the real cause of massive immigration.

The official remedies of more loans, cuts to services and sale of assets will only benefit the 1%, making the position of the majority of the people untenable. The whole system is teetering on the edge of a major collapse. We need a new system designed to provide more money for infrastructure at less cost to taxpayers and without the need for cuts or asset sales, to be fair to all classes and to curtail derivatives, gambling with more money than is used in trade, more effective action against those who use the system illegally.

Possible systems which we should all discuss include:-

The Monetary Act (Zarlenga USA), Sir Denison Miller (How he ran the 1911 Commonwealth Bank) and The Manning Plan for Permanent Debt Reduction in the National Economy (Lowell Manning New Zealand)

Dick Clifford Elizabeth South             November 2012





















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