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For too many years the CYB lived at the Refugee Camp at Buduburam. Last September they returned to Monrovia at a school in Gardnersville. The old web pages for Buduburam are still here complete with its Photo Gallery. This is the new page supplied by Slabe Sennay.




Center for Youth Empowerment 

School System in Liberia



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The CYE started operation in Liberia with the establishment of the CYE school system in the Monrovia area, our intention to start the school in Monrovia is because of accessibility, and most part of the country is inaccessible as a result of no good road network in Liberia at the moment. We are planning in the future to build a school to accommodate the growing demand for education in post conflict Liberia.

The school has the total enrolment of two hundred and fifty students, the school is headed by a principal and ably assisted by eight teachers and three support staffs ( a Janitor and two security personnel), the school begins at 7:45 pm and end at 12:30 pm daily.

There is influx of kids in the school, but we do not have the capacity to accommodate them, as a result of this, we put halt to the admission process early until at such a time when we have the capacity to take out of the streets vulnerable kids-our target beneficiaries. Accepting more students require creating more classes sections as well as bringing in more teachers.

Our major obstacles at the moment are getting financial resources to do the followings at the school: Stipend for teachers, stationary, sitting capacity for students, printing cost of tests and exams, a school feeding program, and extra-curriculum activities.

We believe, the aforementioned for now, stand in our path as a blockade to achieving quality education.

For the moment, we intend to successfully implement the school project as well as other pending projects, high on our list currently are the women sewing project (for this project, we have twenty two sewing machines, a classroom already ear-marked to be used, but we need funds to do some renovation in the room, making or buying stools, tables, instructional materials, and teacher stipend for the first academic year), Launching of our peace education program in three schools in Monrovia areas, the only obstacles at the moment is providing stipend to teachers and funds to organize training workshops and community out reached programs.

These programs are to be run in Monrovia area, but as soon as we have the capacity, the rural part of the country become easy to get to by means of good road and most importantly when CYE is mobile to move from one part of the country to another, we would be very much glad to establish programs in the rural areas where the impact of the war can be visibly seen.

In a recent Email Slabe Sennay made the following points:

The sewing machines and equipments arrived safely.

The Center For Youth Empowerment (CYE) as you are fully aware was organized by war-stricken Liberian youths who fled Liberia during the height of the war for fear of persecutions and inhumane treatments associated with the civil upheaval. Having in mind that one day, we would return home to contribute to the rebuilding of our war torn country, Liberia, we committed ourselves to establishing a stable and peaceful environment for the refugees of Buduburam in Ghana by providing educational and vocational opportunities, as well as, conducting peace education within all our programs throughout the camp.

While we are committed to maintaining these programs on the camp for as long as possible, we felt, it was necessary to begin establishing our organization in Liberia. At the Buduburam Refugee Camp prior to transferring of our activities to Liberia, we put into operation the following activities:

1. The Center For Youth Empowerment Elementary and Junior High School

2. Peace Education and Peace Building Activities at The Camp

3. Computer Literacy Program

4. The Women Sewing School

5. The School Of Beauty Care

6. Child art Program

7. Children Recreational Activities

8. The Scholarship Program

9. Violence against women campaign and HIV/AIDS

We hope to bring all of these programs to Liberia. For the first two months of operation after assessing the current situation, we observed that the violence of the civil war disrupted many lives, and while Liberia may be experiencing relative calm today, the lack of social infrastructure, such as education, continues to disrupt the lives of Liberians.

The children have been particularly impacted by this disruption; a dark shadow is cast over their lives. Parents, friends and family were either killed or separated from each other; many children lost their supportive network in the throes of war. We also observed many children roaming the streets begging or selling good for petty-traders. Having no place to stay, many sleep in street corners and open market places, tribal hatred, stereotyping, lack of clean drinking water, and serious environmental issue, Agriculture etc. etc The war has left many children vulnerable, not only are their future at risk, but also, the security and development of Liberia is greatly undermined.

Having realized the above just stated and the unavoidable task of healing the wounds, contributing our quotas to the peace building process of Liberia, we have decided as part of our intervention strategies to work in the area of education which include and not limited to academic education, vocational skill training, peace education, peace and conflict resolution training, environmental awareness, Agriculture etc. etc.

Currently in Liberia, we are running The Center for Youth Empowerment School System (it runs from Nursery to six Grade), the school has the total enrolment of two hundred and fifty students, plans are also underway to begin our peace education program and training in peace and conflict resolution as well as the women Empowerment Program starting with the sewing school. In subsequent time, we will start the other programs as well as creating new ones

I believe that CYE, with support from generous and concerned individuals such as yourself, has a great capacity to provide hope and stability in Liberia. Specifically, we see a growing impetus in the area of education, Agriculture, Environment, training in peace education, conflict resolution, mediation, conflict prevention and management and women empowerment programs so that collectively the peace can be sustained and serve as a benchmark for economic development, we can provide the same touchstone of stability and support to the returnees and vulnerable Liberians as a whole. It is the greatest hope of CYE that we can establish appropriate activities in Liberia so we can help to address these issues.

Slabe Sennay


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From old building to New School     November 2008


Lack of School Furniture    November 2008


CYE Students hosting Flag.    November 2008