The following two submissions have been sent to the Defence White Paper. The first is concerned about future oil supply restrictions which will affect industry, commerce and people everywhere. The world is currently dependent on a huge stream of oil, but if the tanker fails to arrive, then civilization will cease within weeks or days as food fails to arrive at the shops. The remedy is to stop burning oil by converting to alternative energy. Global warming is still a serious danger, but both problems can be solved by using solar and geothermal power and capping the use of oil and coal.

Kyoto, or taxation will not be adequate for the task, every industry, factory and home must take action, starting now in order to complete the task in 20 years. Many desirable but unimportant projects will have to be postponed. The following is not only a defence submission, but is also a blue print for Industry, government, and you.

We first have to convince our government and the world. Please duplicate this leaflet and distribute it widely. D.C.

Defence Submission 1


Even Oil experts who previously declared there was no problem, now admit that the world has reached Peak Oil. An average estimate at current consumption ‘is only’ 40 years supply still left in the ground. But long before that, the price will be astronomic, and wars will be fought over what is left. While the oil industry claim that there are other sources such as bio-fuels, these are now putting up the price of food to the detriment of third world countries which will suffer insurrection in consequence. The output of most oil wells reduces each year, Australian wells reduce even faster. Our main O/seas source, Singapore, is a refining centre and is dependent on middle east oil. This means uncertain supply from overseas adversely affecting industry as well as defence forces.

The government must take priority action to convert industry to run on concentrating solar and Geothermal energy. Transport must be converted to run on electricity. Solar cells, Wind power and more will be pressed into service. Remedial action by industry and government must start now and targets must be set for the next 5, 10 and 15 years. Failure to use solar power will mean that there will be less oil to power tanks, ships and aircraft, which cannot be readily converted to alternative fuels.

To meet this situation the defence forces need to adopt the following program:


1. Form or expand an Interforce Science Committee whose first job is to survey all the ways in which the services use oil.

2. Examine temporary alternative energy such as LPG or CNG. Temporary because these sources will run out shortly after oil. Conversion for existing engines will be easy, power will be adequate, but there will be problems supplying LPG to remote areas.


3. Examine the possibilities of using electric motors and batteries to power lighter vehicles. (Consider a battalion using bicycles powered with batteries and electric motors. The silent approach!) Would not be suitable for converting existing heavy vehicles, new lightweight vehicles would need to be designed.

4. Build and staff a laboratory to test and develop batteries and fuel cells and other purposes.. (Lithium batteries are good but expensive and there is insufficient lithium in the world to power all vehicles) Results to be made publically available to commercial firms.


5. The Government must require all manufacturers, firms and businesses to prepare CO2 Reduction Plans to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels with targets set for 5, 10 and 15 years. The targets must be set to provide better than 90% reduction in use of fossil fuels within 20 years compared with 2008 consumption.

This includes fossil fuel used for every purpose, including transport, production, air-conditioning etc. As France uses Solar Metal Smelters, Australia can use the Suns power for any purpose.

6. All defence forces purchasing departments shall require copies of the CO2 Reduction Plans, from contractors & suppliers and shall check compliance. Firms that fail to measure up to their CO2 Reduction Plan will be deleted from the short list.

7. The recommendations of the Interforce Science Committee need to receive top priority consideration by the forces and the government.

The above 7 points are to be regarded as an outline of what should be required from both the armed forces and civilian industry. The immediate danger to civilization is the reduced availability of oil and its increased price, raising the cost of living and causing unemployment. This is happening now. It will also cause people to go to unconventional sources to obtain oil which often uses more energy than is created and causes more of the second great danger to civilization, excessive CO2 in the atmosphere, causing global warming.

This program will reduce both dangers. It will be argued that the complete conversion to Solar power in 20 years is not possible. This is all the more reason why we should start now.

Failure to act will mean inadequate alternate energy to run any civilisation when the oil fails.


It will be argued that there is insufficient money. With the present financial system this is true unless the financial system is reformed. Failure to reform will mean that inflation due to the price of oil will continue, the increasing price will bankrupt the airlines, the travel and hotel industry. Rising prices will cause unemployment which will snowball to a situation worse than the great depression. Your Super will be worth zero, your assets will have disappeared.

Without oil and insufficient solar there will be nothing left worth defending.


8. All loan authorities shall encourage loans to green manufacturers by offering lower rates, will refuse Loans to all developments involving the production of CO2, except where there is a CO2 credit in which case they will charge a higher rate.

9. All banks, credit unions, financiers to call meetings, symposiums etc to discuss changes to the financial system and make recommendations to government..

Research the many possible reforms of the financial system. Reforms should be designed to reduce break neck competition, allow fairer distribution of wealth, provide a basic income for all, allow credit with nil interest for essential infrastructure to be retained in public ownership, reduce fraud and gambling.


10. Form an Interforce Education Unit. Collect the knowledge obtained by the Interforce Science Committee, search the www, and create a library devoted to Global warming, Peak Oil, machines that run on alternative energy etc. Prepare a 1 to 3 month course on this material and see that every member of the forces undertakes the course within 18 months. Encourage all force members to join civilian forums and discuss the need for a complete change in the way civilization is run because of the problems due to Peak Oil, Global Warming and excessive competition.

Thus the armed forces would become part of a world campaign to make civilization possible without a shot being fired.

Dick Clifford.

Vice President, Humanist Society of South Australia

Submission 2


Because of climate change, increasing catastrophes of all kinds, growing populations, material shortages, water scarcity, there will be an increasing need for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief.

To satisfy this need I propose that the Navy should develop a Hospital and Supply Ship to be based on a wave-piercing Catamaran as built by Incat in Tasmania. I have no financial interest in Incat, but I have been a passenger from Poole to the Channel Islands in 1999.

As any naval man will tell you, these vessels are fast (40 - 48 knots depending on loading) are stable, are very maneuverable, have a low draft, have a roll-on/roll-off capacity making it easy to load and unload most vehicles including ambulances, vans and trucks. The passenger decks could easily be converted to a hospital.

These boats have been thoroughly tested in all waters, have made record runs across the Atlantic and have been tested by the US Services:

The Incat web page states they have a design team capable of making changes to suit specific requirements. A flight deck for helicopters can be installed. Variations in the vehicle ramp are possible.

These catamarans are equipped with powerful diesel motors. Oil could have supply problems as world production deteriorates. The possibility of using gas should be investigated, and the upper deck could be fitted with solar cells which might power the Hospital.

The Hospital should be a Training Hospital, making sure that it would have year round use. It could also be used around Australia as an emergency back up for the many cities on the coast of Australia.

At present we are not training enough doctors and nurses. Australia is still tempting staff from overseas sources who have more need of them than we do. We should be exporting medical expertise across the world.

Australia has a poor reputation in many parts of the world. The fact that we follow the USA means we are regarded as the cause of the problem rather than the solution. If we had one or more such ships and were able to show we will use them in any emergency, we could turn this opinion around, and do much good that would reduce the need for war like action.

Dick Clifford. Vice President, Humanist Society of South Australia

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