This excellent site has many links to freethought organisations and to unusual search engines.

This Society hosts an OPEN FORUM discussion group every Wednesday 8 p.m. at Humanist House, 10 Shepherd St. Chippendale (Central Sydney, NSW)

HUMANIST SOCIETY OF QUEENSLAND Inc. This is a new and developing site under new management.

THE COUNCIL FOR SECULAR HUMANISM - MANIFESTO 2000  Includes links to all aspects of Humanism in America.

BRITISH HUMANIST SOCIETY   Many famous Humanists are members of this Society which is very active throughout U.K.

SOUTH PLACE ETHICAL SOCIETY 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London. The home of Humanists, Rationalists and Freethinkers with a history going back several hundred years. Their building, Conway Hall, built in 1924, is well known for the many radical speakers who are made welcome and for the Sunday Musical Concerts which have been a feature of the Society since before 1900. Visitors to London should make a point of visiting Conway Hall and salute the bust of Bertrand Russell in Red Lion Square. Those of us who can't visit in person can activate the link and enjoy their excellent web page.

IHEU Home Page
The International Humanist and Ethical Union now has its headquarters in London, has over 90 affiliated organisations in 30 countries.

A site which has strong logic and great artistic merit.

SCIENCE OF RELIGION - Since there is no God what is life for?
Arthur Jackson's web is one which you will visit several times, there is an extensive "frequently asked questions" section and through the "2nd door" there is a complete book on line called "Wisdom is my Religion"

Humanists support Voluntary Euthanasia Societies, not surprising as we took the major roll in starting them.

South Australia Voluntary Euthanasia Society 
Deliverance - Voluntary Euthanasia in the N.T.

Humanists also support the ABC, so if you have missed the news or want to check a news item then you will be -
Welcome to ABC on line

Humanists support social reform. We are concerned that the present economic system only benefits the very rich and is spreading poverty both in third world countries and within all first world countries. We recommend that you investigate the ERA home page, they have meetings in Adelaide and Sydney and their magazine contains real solid down to earth material which you will find usefull where ever you live.
Economic Reform Australia

Humanists were saddened by the death of Don Dunstan (February 1999) the South Australian Premier who had done so much to create a civilised society in our State. But he and his family have created a Foundation for research and teaching into his principles, for full details go to -

If you are concerned with social change, would like to learn with, enjoy, and exchange with many progressives, then you must click on to the Znet. It is one of the largest webs in existence with information on almost everything from how to surf the net to the works of Noam Chomsky.

The Reality Papers   Includes the Oil Age, Poverty Reduction, Brushing up on Evolution and Submissions to the Defence Review 2000 and more!

The author of these pages welcomes your advice and criticism. Due to the excessive amount of spam I can not publish my email address but you can write by snail mail to: 120 Goodman Road, Elizabeth South, South Australia, 5112

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