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Astrologer Ian Thurnwald examines Bill Clinton's solar return chart in the light of scandal brought on by current eclipses and retrograde planets.


How Bill is affected by Lunations

Lunations... or Lunacy?

Explaining how the current eclipse cycles relate to the unfolding drama in the nation's tabloids, this article examines recent lunar phases in the light of the fixed stars rising over Washington and the significant transits occurring around the time of each lunation, or moon cycle.

  • New Moon in Leo

    Monica Lewinski had her 25th birthday on July 23. Like Clinton, she's a Leo, with Moon in Taurus, and Libra rising. Her solar return occurred just hours after a new moon in Leo (Moon and Sun at 0 Leo 31) very near her natal Sun. Thus the ensuing year represents a new beginning for her.

    Five days later, on July 28, (when transiting Mercury was stationary and inconjunct retrograde Jupiter) her lawyers struck a deal with the special prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, gaining immunity in return for her truthful testimony. At that time two fixed stars, Murzims and Prycon, began rising with the Sun in the eastern sky of Washington. Murzims represents speaking out publicly, feeling that one has something important to say, while Prycon represents sudden fame and success which must be capitalised on quickly because it will be short-lived. It seems Ms Lewinski was cosmically primed to take these fixed star energies on board.

    But why? One possible explanation is that both the new moon and her natal Sun (her ego), fall on Clinton's Moon/Venus midpoint, and transiting Neptune was in a close opposition to this midpoint at the time. The basic principle of Moon/Venus midpoint is the feeling of love, or devotion. Coupled with Lewinski's Sun, it suggests that she felt this way about him and that he encouraged these feelings in her. The new moon suggest a new beginning in relation to this. But, with a malefic like Neptune in opposition to it all, the negative indications come to the fore, conflicts or changes in love, and becoming entangled in scandals. Neptune involves deception and self-deception. In this instance, Neptune's influence indicates an unhappy love and the necessity to renounce that love. And this appears to be what both parties to the affair have indeed done.

  • Full Moon in Aquarius: Lunar Eclipse

    There was a full-moon lunar eclipse on August 8 (Moon at 15 Aquarius 22, Sun at the same degree in Leo). Full moons represent a time of fruition, when whatever was set in motion at the time of the new moon reaches its fulfillment, or becomes obvious. Ms Lewinski had her day in court on August 6.

    A few days before this eclipse, on August 5, there was a conjunction of Venus and Mars in Cancer. America is a Cancer-ruled nation, as is Iraq. Any conjunction of Mars represents the beginning of a two year cycle. This one is marked by a stronger devotion to and a greater appreciation for traditional modes of self-protection and security, offered by family, ethnic, or national ties. It indicates a period when people will experience strong desires for self-preservation and protection from the wider world. On 5 August 1998, Iraq reneged on the deal struck back in February with the Secretary-General of the United Nations and suspended cooperation with the UN weapons inspectors.

    A few hours before the eclipse, two US Embassies in East Africa were bombed. At the time of the bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, the Moon was midway between retrograde Uranus and retrograde Neptune in Aquarius, while square Saturn in Taurus. Uranus and Neptune are often linked to revolutionary and idealistic movements or beliefs. The pairing of Uranus and Neptune represents the elimination of waking consciousness. With the Moon activating this pair and bringing Saturn into the combination, we see misguided religious fanatics perpetrating sudden attacks in a foreign country, or against foreigners, with the intention of destroying structures and inflicting painful losses on large numbers of people.

    It is also worth considering the fixed star Alphard was setting just after the Sun, in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi at this time. Alphard is the brightest star in the constellation Hydra; it is known as the Heart of the Serpent. The negative expression of Alphard manifests as violent, untamed, emotional outbursts and murderous, violent energy. This same star, which can embody viciousness and the desire to strike others down, rises over more northern latitudes, including Washington and places further north, from August 27.

  • New Moon in Leo again: Solar Eclipse

    There was a new-moon solar eclipse on August 22 (Moon and Sun at 28 Leo 48). The influence of this eclipse holds sway until the next solar eclipse on February 16, 1999. On August 22, the fixed star Regulus rose with the Sun, just about everywhere in the world. It is perhaps fortunate that the retaliatory cruise-missile attacks on terrorist installations near the Afghanistan/Pakistan border and on the chemical factory near Khartoum in the Sudan occurred about 32 hours before the eclipse.

    Traditionally, Regulus is one of the Royal Stars of Persia. It is the brightest star in the constellation Leo, the Lion, and is characterised as the need to avoid revenge. Regulus promises greatness, military honour, and success, so long as one does not act for reasons of revenge. When action is dictated by vengeance, the loss of power, position, and standing is assured. As Regulus itself was (symbolically) eclipsed on the day it rose, we can expect to see many world leaders suffering a general diminution of power and wrestling with the nemesis of revenge.

    President Clinton effectively declared war on terrorism during his address to the nation from Marthažs Vineyard, Massachusetts at 1:30 pm EDT, August 20. The missile strikes 25 minutes earlier, occurred mere hours after Mars - the planet of war - moved into the 7th house of Clinton's precessed solar return chart. To be precise, Clinton said he finally decided to approve the strikes at 2:30 am that morning, after confirming that there was no night-shift at the Sudanese chemical plant. And at that time, Mars had just entered the 7th house of his solar return, so Mars at 29 Cancer 39 was opposing the Ascendant at 29 Capricorn 36.

    The eclipse of August 22 fell on Clinton's Mars/Mid-Heaven midpoint, in his relocated chart for Washington. If it was the Sun alone falling on this point, it would strengthen the determination of his ego in all his activities, making him more, rather than less inclined to take action, give orders, and overcome resistance or obstacles. However, during a solar eclipse, the Sun's energy is diminished (eclipsed) by the Moon. If the lunar influence has predominance, it may be that his actions will be impulsive and premature, that he acts under emotional stress without proper deliberation or forethought during the year ahead. Indeed, it is interesting that the Moon on this point specifically indicates a "desire to impose one's own will upon a woman" (although it is well to bear in mind that the Moon can also signify people who follow a Moon-based religion). Perhaps this is why, given that Monica Lewinski testified again on August 20, the "Wag the Dog" scenario gained such credence throughout the world after the missile strikes were announced.

    More importantly, however, this eclipse in the fixed fire sign of Leo affects Bill Clintonžs 11th house Sun. This is a very personal crisis for him, which will cause him to re-evaluate his ideals and aspirations. It brings to light whatever actions he has hidden, or whatever he has neglected to do in relation to friendships, party affairs and political affiliations. It means he will face unexpected events both at home and abroad.

    Internationally, there will be a need to shore up treaties and alliances. Domestically, he will be challenged by adversaries who question his morality. Indeed, he will find that his personal attitudes to the pursuit of pleasure and amusement run counter to prevailing public morality and become something of a public issue. Because of this his friendships, love relationships and political alliances are all likely to suffer. In the face of these crises, Clinton will be inclined to try to live through them, being determined to maintain the status quo. At the same time he will not be adverse to taking action and taking the fight to those who threaten his, or the nation's, position.

  • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

    There is a full-moon lunar eclipse on September 6 (Moon at 13 Pisces 40, Sun at the same degree in Virgo). Note that this happens to be the day when the Mercury retrograde cycle ends!

    The fixed stars rising before the Sun at that time in Washington are Alphard (see above) and Zosma. Zosma is another star in the constellation Leo. Its energy signifies victimisation by the establishment. We can speculate that Zosma rising imparts a general awareness to people in Washington that adherence to beliefs and concepts outside the mainstream will leave one open to abuse and loss of power at the hands of the majority. Perhaps the fact that many Democrats (who face mid-term Congressional elections in October/November) are distancing themselves from the President is an indication of this.


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    Less common than retrograde periods are successive lunations, when a new or full moon followed by another new or full moon occurs in the same zodiacal sign. The energies of the sign and hence the particular time of the year are highly charged, either in terms of new beginnings (new moon) or culminations (full moon). On July 23 and August 22, we had two new moons in Leo. The latter was also a solar eclipse.

    and Eclipses...

    When lunations are also eclipses, their effect is even more powerful - although solar eclipses are more strongly felt than lunar eclipses. Eclipses usually occur in pairs, with either a lunar eclipse (full moon) heralding a solar eclipse (new moon), or vice versa about two weeks later. The energy of any lunation is always most strongly felt a day or so before the Moon reaches its exact alignment with the Sun. Over the period August 8 to September 6, there was an unusual series of three successive eclipses, lunar - solar - lunar, in the signs Aquarius, Leo, and Pisces.

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