Croquet Schedulers

 These files are modified versions of Excel programs written by John Taylor.

With his permission I have modified them to suit the Australian automatic handicapping system introduced by the ACA in 2006. Many extra

features have been added to suit Australian tournament conditions. I am indebted to John for allowing me to modify his files.

John passed away in 2005.

The programs are free to download. The files will be updated as I add more bells and whistles from time to time. Please let me know

immediately if you come across any bugs or if you have suggestions for improvements.

To download a program, click on the appropriate link below. The files are compressed so you will need to un-zip them with a program such as

WinZip or WinRAR. The latest files are in .xlsm format so if you are using a later version of MS Excel you will not need to enable macros.

Minimum requirement - Windows XP, 7 etc - Excel 2000, preferably Excel 2003 0r later.

Will not run on Apple Mac because of macro incompatibility.

Using the schedulers for Golf Croquet

The schedulers are designed for ASSOCIATION CROQUET. The scheduling and scoring functions will work for GOLF CROQUET but the

handicap and index calculations will not work.

MACROS MUST BE ENABLED IN EXCEL! How to enable macros is explained in Appendix 1 of the User Manual

Please let me know if you download the files so that I can notify you when new versions are published.

Email Me

These files were last uploaded March 15, 2019. Come back here to check for updates from time to time.

Download Scheduler User Manual (Compressed Word format - 2.5Mb)

Download Scheduler User Manual (PDF format - 5.5Mb)

Download 4-Player Blocks

Download 5-Player Blocks

Download 6-Player Blocks

Download 7-Player Blocks              MACROS MUST BE ENABLED IN EXCEL!

Download 8-Player Blocks

Download 9-Player Blocks

Download 10-Player Blocks

Download 11-Player Blocks

Download 12-Player Blocks             



12/5/2018 - Added 11 Player Blocks (Rev 15.2.2)

29/4/2014 - Bug in 7, 9, 10 and 12 player blocks - bug in Results Entering routine. These files are now revision 15.2.1

14/4/2014 - Rev 15.2 - Minor revision. Some minor bugs fixed and a tidy-up.

9/2/2014 - Rev 15.1 :-
1. Fixed bug in odd number player blocks (now includes the bye in the handicap calculations).
2. Opponent's handicap shown on the Handicap Card is now the actual handicap when the game was played, not the final handicap of the opponent which may have changed since that game.
3. Notification of a change of handicap only occurs once, not every time the handicap calculations are updated.
4. Corrected the handicap/index calculations so that a player on HC 20 does not go higher than 20 and the index does not go lower than 900 - in line with ACA HC Regulations.

20/1/2013 - 6 Player Blocks - Rev 15.01 - Bug fixed in sort routine, PLAYER sheet, Block 1.

10/1/2013 - Revision 15 - Major revision - Change of handicap and index now works properly (can change after any game during a tournament)

                                            Added a new sheet - HANDICAP CARD - which displays results for each player in the same format as the ACA Automatic

                                            Handicapping System card. Handicap changes are notified as they change during match score entry.

                                           NOTE: The 4 and 8 player Double Round  blocks have not been upgraded to Rev 15 yet.

18/10/2010 - 4 Player Blocks, Double Round - Rev. 10.02.1 -  bug in score entry routine Block 1, Round 2.

13/9/2010 - 6 Player Blocks - Bug in sort routine on PLAYER sheet.

6/9/2010 - 5 Player Blocks - Bug in selecting 6 block option code.

18/7/2010 - Revision 14.02 - Modified all files to comply with the AHS handicapping regulations.

                                                   - handicaps can change after any game.

9/7/2010 - Revision 14.01 - Added Time to Scoring slips. Removed blank games from MS Word Publishing file.

1/7/2010 - Revision 14 - Major revision.

                   Facility added to enable generation of separate workbook files for Block Results, AHS1 Sheet,

                   World Ranking Results plus generation of MSWord file of results for publishing.

                    Facility added to enable printing of various sheets.

                    Facility added to enable clearing of all scores (this allows a previous event draw to be

                    easily re-used).

20/9/09 - Bug in 10 & 12 Player Blocks Block Schedule sort routine. All Files upgraded to Rev. 13.04

                    Some PLAYER sheet sort routines were not compatible with Excel 2000.

24/4/09 - 4 Player & 4 Player DR Rev 13.03 - Bug in Data Entry routine affecting Player 4 in Block 2.

4/3/09 - Rev 13.02 - Bug in Block delete routine affecting low block numbers.

7/1/09 - 4 Player and 8 Player Double Round Revision 13 uploaded.

4/1/09 - 8 Player Blocks - Rev 13.01 - scoring sheet page was hidden.

3/1/09 - Fixed bug in 4 Player Blocks - Rev 13.01 - Block 2 game schedule entry fault.

23/12/08 - Revision 13 major revision for all single round versions - data entry via forms, more error checking + +

21/5/08 -   Revision 12.01

                              ****** Fixed bug in 10 Player Blocks preventing handicap updating ******

                              Merged name column cells on BLOCK sheet to allow more room for text (all programs)

28/10/07 - Fixed bug in 6 Player Blocks - Block 5 on RESULTS sheet

 7/8/07 - Revision 12.00 - All programs now support handicap play.

 7/8/07 - Revision 12.00 - All programs now support handicap play.

13/6/07 - Revision 11.01 - Minor update, added QNP to peeling drop down list on RESULTS page.

15/3/19 - Added check for valid Handicap/Index combination to data entry routine.