01 Nov 2021




The League's Performance Eras 
1897-1921: 1922-1946: 1947-1971: 1972-1996, 1997-2021

2021 was the League's 125th year of competition.

This span can be divided into five 25 year periods. The tables from the links on this page attempt to  give an indication of each team's performance  in different categories in each of the five 25 year periods. Teams have have competed fewer than two fifths of the time have their seasons in the competition divided into two halves. 

Teams that did not compete for the whole of any period are included for completeness.

See Summary of Seasons for details each team's seasons in the competition.

125 Seasons / 5
All 125 seasons 1897-2021

(Click on WLD for each team's win/loss/draw record vs all opponents overall and in different eras and on Scoring for points scored and conceded vs all other teams.)

All Teams

 Above Average Wins 

Head to Head  Hawthorn: WLD - Scoring
 Match/Win percentages  Above Average Losses  Adelaide: WLD - Scoring   Melbourne: WLD - Scoring
 For and Against  Century Scores  Brisbane: WLD - Scoring  Nth Melbourne: WLD - Scoring
 Won/lost 40 points  Premierships   Carlton: WLD - Scoring   Port Adelaide: WLD - Scoring
 Won/lost 60 points   Top of the Ladder  Collingwood: WLD - Scoring  Richmond: WLD - Scoring
 Season: More Won  Grand Finals  Essendon: WLD - Scoring  St Kilda: WLD - Scoring
 Season: 60 % or More Won   Finals Series  Fitzroy: WLD - Scoring  Sydney/SM: WLD - Scoring
 Season: 30 % or Less Won   Percent Finals Won  Fremantle: WLD - Scoring  University: WLD - Scoring
 Season: Percentage Over 100%  'Wooden Spoons'  Geelong: WLD - Scoring  WB/Footscray: WLD - Scoring

 Scores Doubled 

 Times on Top  Gold Coast: WLD - Scoring  West Coas:t:  WLD - Scoring
 Won/lost 4 Quarters   Times in Top 4  GWS Giants: WLD - Scoring  
 Average margins