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As stated elsewhere the aim of this site is to complement existing sites that provide comprehensive standard records and statistics with an attempt to present a range of unique facts and figures not available elsewhere. 


Updated to the end of the 2021 season.



 Summary of Seasons Competed:  Number of teams, matches, rounds & finals each season.
 Performance:   Comparisons of each teams' results in different eras and categories.
 Finals and Premierships:  Performance of Premiers and Runners-up.  Finals facts and figures.
 Ladders:  Various aspects of each teams historic position on the ladder. 
 Wins, Losses and Draws:  Sequences of wins.  Facts on draws. Wins in 4 quarters and more.
 Scoring and Margins:  Scoring facts and oddities in over 20 categories.
 Team v Team: In'Head to head' comparisons in a range of categories and eras.
History  Files: A A few articles drawn from online newspaper archives.


Each Team's Best/Worst Decade: 
Team With the Highest, 2nd Highest and Lowest Win Percentage for each 10 year period 1897-202
Each Team's Best/Worst Win% from 5-10, 15 and 20 seasons:
Home Grounds: Historical and contemporary performance on grounds regarded as an exclusive or near exclusive home base.
Last 6 in How Many Years: Premierships, Grand Finals, Preliminary Finals, Finals Series, Wooden Spoons,  Seasons with more wins than losses.
Most Consecutive Wins/Losses at One Venue.
Performance Comparison by Eras: Individual team and group tables comparing performance over a number of categories in different eras. 
Seasons -  Best & Worst Half: Tables showing the best and worst performances in the 1st and 2nd halves of seasons since 1970. (Overall and each teams individual best and worst.)
Streaks: Consecutive events - wins, scores etc. of each team against all opponents.
St Kilda: Many extraordinary lows but also some highs from the match results of the league's perhaps least historically successful combination.
Superlatives - the other side of.
The second team involved in various highs and lows.
Supremacy: Team's with longest period with the most Premierships and the highest  Win%
Progressive (running) Win Percentage - High/Low after 10 seasons in the League.
Top 12 Combined Results by the Top 4 and Top 2 Teams on the Final Ladder
Finals and Premierships
Defeating the Eventual Premiers/Losing to the Eventual Wooden Spooners
Grand Final - Lesser Known Facts and Figures: Average margins in different eras. Grand Finals won by only winning one quarter. The most accurate and inaccurate scoring. Greatest margin in each quarter. Plus more.
Grand Final Tables: Percentage played.  Grand Finals Win/Loss Record by Ladder Position.  Grand Finals Ladder.  History of the Highest Grand Final Margin. Plus other trivia.
Grand Finalist's Season Results Against  Each Other.
Grand Final Rematches.
Pre Finals Meetings of Finalists.
Defending the Flag. (Records of Reigning Premiers). 
Premiers Compare - Combined Season Margins: Premiers ahead of all opponents Premiers with the 20 highest combined margin deficits for the season.
Reigning Premiers Worst Defeats.
 Premiers' Attack and Defence Rankings: 
Most Consecutive Finals Series and Longest Finals 'Droughts':
Best/Worst Result After 1-22 Matches in the Season.
Ladder Position: Facts about teams' ladder positions. Times spent in various ladder positions and spans between obtaining different positions etc. Includes Upsets where bottom beat top.  Plus: 'Wooden Spoon' Facts.
Times in 1st place/last place on the Ladder after each completed round during the season.  Plus:  Most common final ladder positions for each team.
Most Consecutive Rounds - Top 8:
Since the introduction of the final 8 in 1994.)
Percentage of Rounds in Portions of the Ladder: Top 4, 8 - Bottom 4 etc.  after each completed round in various eras.
Times Topped: How many times each team has topped the others on the final season ladder.
Too Long at the Top?  The apparently most successful team leading up to the finals is often not ultimately successful.
First Time Top/Bottom of the Ladder.
Wins, Losses, and Draws
Best 22 and Longest Without a Season Loss or Win: Rankings of the best  results in a  22 match season.  The longest each team has gone in a season without a loss or a win.
Best/Worst Sequences: Each team's best and worst results from sequences of 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 and 300 consecutive matches.
Consecutive 3/4 time reversals: Lists of 5 and 4 consecutive matches where the team trailing at 3/4 time won the match.
Results after trailing and leading at 3/4 time.
Drawn: Some lesser known and perhaps previously unknown facts about tied results.
Most Consecutive Matches Won/Lost Leading/Trailing at Each Break.
Winning/Losing First/Last 50/100/200 Matches:
Plus least/most matches played for 50/100/200 wins/losses.)
For & Against % in Winning and Losing Matches.
Four Quarters Won/Lost:
Last 100-1,000 Wins: How long to realise them?
Retrospective Match/Win Ratio Tables: Collingwood has the highest win% starting from 1897, but what about working back from the most recent season? 
Only Won One Quarter but Won the Match:
Over the Border: Each team's record of wins in each state hosting teams in the competition. (Matches interstate.)
Strings of Wins: Each team's number of discrete sequences of 6-15 and 20 consecutive wins.
Won Each Succeeding Quarter by More:
Most matches played without losing/winning 2-4 consecutively:  
Quarters: Most won/lost in season.  High for&against % in.
Most consecutive won.
Scoring and Margins
10 Biggest Score Increases/Decreases and Margin Turnarounds:
10 Goal Plus Margins:
Final margin and each quarter.
20 Goal Scores:
1,000 Goals - Scoring First & Last:
100 Top Scores and Margins : (Each team's share.)
Average Margins by Round: Smallest/greatest average margin  for 2, to 9 match rounds.
Balance Sheet: Each team's best and worst total points scored surplus or deficit plus their current balance during their time in the League.
Century Scores: Teams percentage of scores in different eras. Highest % in a season. Most consecutive.
Coincidence: Matches with duplicated/reversed  scores and more.
Even Stevens: Second matches in a season that exactly reversed the result of the first meeting.
Times and Percentage of Seasons with the
Highest\Lowest Score - (For and Against) and Biggest Win/Loss of the Year.
Each Teams' Highest Combined Season Margins over an opponent:
 Highest/Lowest combined score from consecutive matches: 
History of the Highest Score/Biggest Win: The progression of each team's and the overall highest/biggest.
Kicking the 'Sweep': Each team's record of recording the highest score of an individual round of matches. + Lowest score and Biggest win/loss of the round.
Odd and Unique: Scores and results culled from AFL matches from 1897 to the present that have produced records out of the ordinary. (8 pages).
On/Off Target: Facts and figures about scoring accuracy or the lack of it.
One-Point Matches: 
Quarters Won by 40 points or More:  
Outcomes of Matches with 3/4 time margins of four goals or more
Scores Doubled or More:
Scoring Failures: Low scoring, scoreless and goalless quarters. 
(4 pages.)
Turnarounds - Biggest:
Each Team's Biggest 2nd Half Turnaround:
 In matches that were won after trailing at half-time.
Most Points Scored/Conceded in 2,3,5,10 and 50 matches:
Each Team's times with the highest/lowest points scored/conceded each 'home and away' season: 
Greatest points surpluses and deficits in 22 match 'home and away' seasons and highest/lowest Average Points Difference in complete seasons 1897-2021
Wins with Fewer Goals:
Quarter Margins: Each team's highest. 
Team v Team
Combinations in Finals Matches: Most common, least frequent, biggest gaps.
Least/Most Pairings: Home&Away Fixture 2012- 2021:
Combined Record of Pre 1987 Teams v Post 1986 Teams:
Defeated Eventual Premiers - Lost to Wooden-spooners in Same Season:
Opponent with the Best and Worst Match/Won Percentage Against:
Opponents Undefeated in the Last Three Seasons:
Trouble Opening the Account: Opponents not defeated in at least the first six encounters.
Trouble Repeating the Feat: Opponents with no consecutive win against in at least the first 12 encounters.
Historical Articles
The Myth of the 'Minor Premiers': R.W.E. Wilmot writing in 1926 disabuses footballer followers of the notion that there is such a thing as the 'minor premiership'  and tells why the 'right to challenge'  was dropped after 1904 when a team refused to exercise it. When the 'Brownlow' could have been a 'crossbar':  An account of one of times when the Victorian Football League and the NSW Rugby League could have played under the same set of rules.