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In  Depth and  Obscure Trivia  from the 2021  Grand Final Match Result
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Will be compiled after the last match of each round.

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  • Perth Stadium is now the 7th venue beside the MCG to have hosted a Grand Final. Previous: The 'Junction Oval' (St Kilda Cricket Ground) 1898, 1899, 1944. The East Melbourne Cricket Ground 1900. The Lake Oval (Sth. Melbourne Cricket Ground) 1901. Princes Park 1942, 1943, 1945. Waverley Park 1991. The Gabba 2020.

  • The 86th highest attendance from 123 Grand Finals (1898-1923, 1925-2021).

  • The 106th Grand Final played by the team that placed 1st on the ladder before the Finals and the 64th won. (Win percentage 60.38%)

  • The 15th Grand Final played under the current Finals System (2000-21) played by the team that placed 1st on the ladder before the Finals and the 7th won. (Win percentage 46.67%)

  • The 76th Grand Final won by the higher placed team on the ladder. (Win percentage 61.79%).

  • The 30th Grand Final won by a team that trailed at 1/2 time and the 8th 2000-21.

  • 90 pts. The second greatest 'turnaround' in the 2nd half of a Grand Final. Greatest: 98 pts. in 1970 (Carlton lost the 1st half by 44 pts and won the 2nd half by 54 pts.)

  • The 4th Grand Final played by the team that placed 5th on the ladder. Previous: Collingwood lost by 91 pts. to Richmond (3rd) in 1980, Melbourne lost by 96 pts to Hawthorn (1st) in 1988 and Adelaide won by 25 pts. vs Nth Melbourne (1st) in 1998.

  • The 8th highest winning margin in a Grand Final. (Highest: Geelong 119 pts. vs Port Adelaide in 2007.)

  • One of 19 Grand Finals where the winner doubled or more than doubled the loser's score and the 4th 1995-2021. (Previous: Geelong 2007, Collingwood 2010 and Richmond 2019.)

  • The equal 12th highest score by the winner of a Grand Final. (Equal: Hawthorn 20.20-140 vs Essendon 8.9-57 in 1982.)

  • The highest 2nd half tally in a Grand Final. Previous: Essendon 15.5-95 vs Hawthorn 5.5-35 in 1985.

  • The greatest 2nd half margin in a Grand Final. Previous: 67 pts. in 2007. (Geelong 13.6-84 vs Port Adelaide 2.5-17)

  • The greatest last quarter margin in a Grand Final. Previous: 48 pts. in 1985.  Essendon11.3-69 vs Hawthorn 3.3-21.

  • The most that a Premier has lost the 2nd quarter of a Grand Final by. Previous: 24 pts (Collingwood vs Geelong in 1930 and Geelong vs Essendon in 1951).

  • The equal 5th greatest greatest advantage in scoring shots in a Grand Final. Greater: Geelong 29 in 2007, Hawthorn 23 in 1983, West Coast 20 in 1994, Essendon 20 in 2000. Equal: Richmond 19 in 2019.

  • Its 13th win from 18 Grand Finals played 1900-2021 (Win percentage 72.22%).

  • Its 13 premierships is now the equal 4th most in the League. (Equal: Hawthorn and Richmond.)

  • Its 1,265th match since its last Grand Final win in 1964

  • Its win percentage in Grand Finals is only 2nd to Brisbane's 75.0%. (3/4)

  • Its 2nd Grand Final vs WB/Footscray. (Lost by 51 pts. in 1954).

  • Its 54th win from 88 Finals played 1897-2021. (win percentage 61.36%)

  • Its win percentage in Finals is only 2nd to Hawthorn's 61.63%.

  • Its 3rd win from 5 Finals played vs WB/Footscray (1946-2021)

  • Its biggest win vs WB/Footscray since 79 pts. in the 1994 Semi-final - 21.18-144 vs 9.11-65.

  • Its greatest 2nd half margin vs WB/Footscray. Previous: 65 pts. in Round 18 1947 - 16.5-101 vs 5.6-36.

  • Its 2nd greatest last quarter margin vs WB/Footscray. Greatest: 52 pts in Round 10 1969 - 10.3-63 vs 1.5-11.

  • Its for and against percentage from its finals results of 213.10% was the highest for a Premier since 2007. The other premiers with Finals percentages of 200% or more have been:
    Melbourne 1960 (303.70%)
    1908 (228.85%)
    1927 (227.87%)
    2007 (227.07%)
    1952 (216.28%)
    1988 (215.84%)
    1949 ,(202.99%)
    2000 (200.88%) 

  • Its highest score since 21.17-143 vs Gold Coast in Round 20 2018.

  • Its win percentage this year of 82.0% was its 3rd highest for a season. Higher: 90.0% in 1956 and 85.0% in 1939 and 1955.

  • Its for and against percentage this year of 139.42%  was its 9th highest for a complete season. Highest: 151.17% in 1960.

  • Its 2nd loss from 4 Grand Finals played.

  • Its 34th loss from 55 Finals played (1938-2021) - Win percentage 38.18%.

  • Its percentage of its total score scored in the 2nd quarter is the 2nd highest by a loser in a Grand Final. Highest: Essendon 64.0% (5.2-32 of 7.8-50) in the 1948 Grand Final vs Melbourne.

  • It's biggest loss since 82 pts. vs GWS Giants in Round 1 2018.

  • Its biggest loss in a Final since 74 pts. vs West Coast in the 2006 Semi-final.

  • Its is the 3rd team to win a Preliminary Final by more than 70 pts and them lose the Grand Final by more than 70 pts. Previous:
    1983 Preliminary Final: Essendon  dft. Nth Melbourne by 86 pts.
    1983 Grand Final: Hawthorn  dft. Essendon by 83 pts.
    2007 Preliminary Final: Port Adelaide  dft. Nth Melbourne by 87 pts.
    2007 Grand Final: Geelong dft. Port Adelaide by 119 pts.

  • Its win percentage this year of 69.23% was its 3rd highest for a season. Higher: 73.08% in 2016 and 70.0% in 1953.

  • Its for and against percentage this year of 130.00%  was its 3rd highest for a complete season. Higher 133.28% in 1954 and 131.23% in 1953. (It is the first team to have a for and against percentage of exactly 130% for a complete season.)

  • Its 1st quarter win percentage of 78.8% this year was its highest ever in a season. Previous: 75.0% in 1956.

  • This year is its 4th where it had the highest score of the year (25.17-167 vs Nth Melbourne). Previous: 23.27-165 in 1946, 23.14-152 in 1951, and 33.15-213 in 1978.

  • This year is its 4th where it had the biggest win of the year (128 pts. vs Nth Melbourne.) Previous: 112 pts vs Hawthorn in 1946. 103 pts. vs Melbourne in 1951, and 104 pts. vs Essendon in 2019.

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