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In  Depth and  Obscure Trivia  from the 2019 Grand Final Match Result
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  • Previous highest attendance at a match between these two: 94,258 for the 2017 Preliminary Final.

  • The 33rd Grand final attendance of 100 thousand and the 31st highest overall. Highest: 121,696 in 1970.

  • The 3rd highest attendance from 24 Grand Finals featuring at least one non-Victorian team. Higher:100,022 in 2018 and 100,021 in 2017.

  • The 14th Grand Final won by the team that placed 3rd on the ladder and the 6th under the current system of playing finals (2000-19).

  • The 18th Grand Final between a Victorian team and a team from another state and the 9th won by the Victorian-based team.

  • The 3rd highest winning margin in a Grand Final. Higher: Geelong 119 pts in 2007 and Hawthorn 96 pts in 1988.

  • The equal 14th highest winning margin in a final.

  • The 4th greatest advantage in scoring shots in a Grand Final. Greater: Geelong 29 in 2007, Hawthorn 23 in 1983, West Coast 20 in 1994, and Essendon 20 in 2000.

  • The greatest ever score factor in a Grand Final. Previous: Melbourne's score of 8.14-62 in 1960 was 4.43 times Collingwood's 2.2-14. (Next greatest: Geelong's score in 2007 of 24.19-63 was 3.7 times Port Adelaide's 6.8-44.)

  • The 16th Grand Final won in all 4 quarters and the 5th from the last 20. (The first was Collingwood's win in 1919 vs Richmond and the previous 4 have been in 2014, 2010, 2007, and 2000.)

  • The equal lowest half-time score in a Grand Final since Collingwood's 1.0-6 vs Melbourne in 1960. Equal: Fremantle 1.6-12 in 2013 vs Hawthorn.

  • The lowest 2nd half tally in a Grand Final since Carlton's 1.6-12 in its win vs Essendon in 1968.

  • The lowest 3/4 time score in a Grand Final since Collingwood's 2.0-12 in 1960 - which was the lowest since Richmond's 0.7-7 vs Collingwood in 1927.

  • The lowest score in a Grand Final since Collingwood's 2.2-14 in 1960 which the the lowest since its (winning) score of 2.13-25 in 1927.

  • The only other Grand Final where the last 3 quarters were all won by more than 26 pts. was in 2007 where Geelong won the last 3 quarters by 29, 39, and 29 pts. vs Port Adelaide.

  • Its 12th win from 23 Grand Finals (1919-2019).

  • Its 53rd win from 89 finals played (one draw replayed) for a win percentage of 60.1%.

  • Its biggest win in a Grand Final. Previous: 81 pts. vs Collingwood in 1980.

  • Its 2nd Grand Final won in all 4 quarters. Previous: 1980.

  • Its 2nd biggest win in a final. Biggest: 118 pts. vs Geelong in the 1969 Semi-final.

  • Its 6th highest score factor in a match. Highest: 6.47 times Brisbane's score in Round 4 2018 (110 vs 17 pts.).

  • Its greatest score factor in a final. Previous: 3.41 times Geelong's score in the 1969 Semi-final (167 vs 49 pts.). Its previous greatest score factor in a Grand Final was 2.04 times Collingwood's score in 1980 (159 vs 78 pts.)

  • The lowest score that it has conceded in a final that it won. Previous: 4.8-32 vs Carlton in the 1921 Grand Final. (Lost to Collingwood's 2.13-25 in the 1927 Grand Final by 12 pts,)

  • The lowest score that it has conceded since 2.5-17 vs Brisbane in Round 4 2018 which was its lowest since 2.9-21 vs Fitzroy in Round 15 1964.

  • Its 12th consecutive win is its equal most ever. Previous: Round 11 1932 to Round 2 1933 (including the 1932 Grand Final.)

  • Its 5th century score this year makes the lowest percentage (20%) of scores of 100 pts or more by a  Premier since Essendon's 19% (4/21 matches) in 1965.

  • Its average losing margin this year of 46.2 pts is the 2nd highest ever for a Premier that lost more than 3 matches during the season. Highest: Port Adelaide - 5 losses with an average margin of 50 .8 pts in 2004.

  • Its is the first Premier to have lost 6 matches by 30 pts or more during the season. Previous most: Essendon 5 in 1993 and Port Adelaide 5 in 2004.

  • It is the first Premier to have lost 4 matches by 40 pts. or more during the season. (There have been 7 Premiers that have lost 3 matches by 40 pts. or more. Most recently: Sydney in 2005 and Port Adelaide in 2004.)

  • It is one of only 6 Premiers to have lost 6 of its first 13 matches. Previous: Adelaide 1998 and 1997, Richmond 1969, Essendon 1949, and Carlton 1945.

  • This was its 3rd Premiership year where it lost at least one match by 11 goals or more (67 pts vs Geelong) . Previous: Lost one in 1974 and 2 in 2017.

  • Its 40th win from 45 matches played at the MCG 2017-19.

  • Its 2nd quarter win percentage this year of 70.0% was its highest for a season since 72.0% in 1980.

  • Its quarters won percentage this year of 64.5% was its highest for a season since 68.5% in 1980.

  • This year makes for the first time that it has had 3 consecutive seasons with a win percentage over 70% since 1972-4.

  • On win percentage and for and against percentage this season ranks 14th from its 112 seasons competed in.

  • Opponents winless against this year: Adelaide, Nth Melbourne, and the Western Bulldogs.

  • Its average attendance this year of 54,011 was its 2nd highest for a season. Highest: 57,554 in 2018.

  • Its total recorded attendances (1908-2019) passed the 62 million mark with this match.

  • Its 5th and biggest loss from 11 finals played. Previous biggest loss: 36 pts. vs Richmond in the 2017 Preliminary Final.

  • Its biggest loss since 89 pts. vs Sydney in Round 21 2015.

  • Its 16th and 2nd biggest loss from 20 matches played at the MCG. Biggest loss: 162 pts. vs Hawthorn in Round 15 2012.

  • Its 11th loss from 24 matches played outside of the ACT and NSW 2018-19 (one drawn).

  • Is lowest score ever. Previous: 4.5-29 vs Hawthorn in Round 21 this year.

  • Its 2nd equal least scoring shots in a match. Least: 9 in the above match. Equal: 10 (5.5-35 vs St Kilda in Round 22 2012).

  • Its 3rd lowest score factor in a match. Lower: 0.16 vs Hawthorn in Round 15 2012 (4.7-31 vs 28.25-193) and 0.21 vs St Kilda in Round 22 2012 (5.5-35 vs 25.13-163)

  • Its lowest 1/2 time score since 1.5-11 vs Adelaide in the 2017 Qualifying Final.

  • Its equal lowest 3/4 time score. Equal: 2.7-19 vs Geelong 12.3-75 in Round 7 2018.

  • Its 3rd loss in all 4 quarters this year. (It lost 3 last year and none in 2017 and 2016.)

  • It is only the 2nd Runners-up to lose 4 matches by 50 pts or more in a season. Previous: Melbourne in 1946. (The last Runners-up to lose 3 matches by 50 pts. or in a season  was Carlton in 1999 - the only other 6th placed team to play in a Grand Final.)

  • Opponents winless against this year: Adelaide, Fremantle, Hawthorn (2 losses) , and West Coast.

  • Its running average attendance 2012-19 went over 20 thousand for the first time with the attendance at the Grand Final.

  • Its average attendance this year of 24,352 was its highest for a season. Previous: 23,756 in 2017. Lowest: 15,715 in 2013.

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Average and total attendances include all matches from 1921 plus all MCG finals, other matches at the MCG from 1909 and some other matches from before 1921.


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