15 Jan 2021



2020  Rounds



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15 Jan 2021
  • Coincidence:

     Matches with duplicated/reversed  scores and more.
  • Home Grounds:

    Historical and contemporary performance on grounds regarded as an exclusive or near exclusive home base.
  • Consecutive 3/4 time reversals:
    Lists of 5 and 4 consecutive matches where the team trailing at 3/4 time won the match.
    Results after trailing and leading at 3/4 time.
Updates will appear regularly during the Off-Season
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Attendance Summaries
Average Scores/Margins Compared
Last x Matches Ladders
X Match Points: Final Outcomes
Quarter/Half Results
Results vs 1st 9 and last 9 on the Ladder
Seasons Compared
Score Summary
Scoring Trends 
Suns & Giants Summary 
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    Number and Percentage of Seasons
Playing in the Grand Final
Winning the Premiership.
Finishing as  the 'Runners-up'
Playing in the Finals 1897-2020
Playing in the Finals 1994-2020
Finishing  'Top of the Ladder'
Finishing  'Top of the Ladder' 1987-2020
Finishing Last of the Ladder 1897-2020
Finishing Last of the Ladder 1987-2020

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Average and total attendances include all matches from 1921 plus all MCG finals, other matches at the MCG from 1909 and some other matches from before 1921.

Matches not admitting spectators
are not included in the calculation of average attendances.

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