The Glenorchy City Concert Brass (GCCB) is one of the most versatile bands working in Tasmania today. With a repertoire that contains examples of nearly every style of music imaginable, the band is suitable for a multitude of situations. These range from formal concerts, music for conventions, light popular music for fairs to ceremonial occasions (weddings, funerals, etc.) and sporting events.

Owing to the diversity of music required, the Concert Brass can provide many different sized ensembles depending on the occasion. Whether it be a quintet for a wedding, a ten-piece group for a party or a full band for anything, the Concert Brass has the choice available.


The Concert Brass is a non-profit organisation, and as such ensures that its costs are reasonable both to the band and to you. The cost of hiring varies greatly depending on what is required at the engagement.

With different demands, it is impossible to impose a blanket fee. However, we ensure that all moneys are injected directly in the
running costs of the band.

Enquiries, Bookings and Membership Queries

Enquiries and bookings may be obtained by writing to:

The Secretary
Glenorchy City Concert Brass
PO Box 128
Glenorchy 7010

or by phoning the Secretary on (03) 6273 4444
Email to the current secretary, Duncan Gillespie at

Ensembles Available

GCCB A-band

This is the premier ensemble available. This group is the finest non-professional musical group in the state. With over 30 brass and percussion musicians, this ensemble can lift the spirits and the roof of any occasion. The key to this ensemble’s success is its huge versatility. The content of the program may be tailored to your request. Examples of the music available include:

original music for Brass Band (Ireland, Holst, Golland, Sparke, McCabe, Vinter, Gregson, Graham, Arnold, Howells, Howarth, Wilby, Richards)
music from films (Superman, The Lion King, Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Aladdin, etc.)
music from musicals (Les Miserablés, Phantom of the Opera, etc.)
music from the 60’s through to the 90’s (The Beatles, The Seekers, Queen, Abba, Foreigner, Europe, etc.)
music from the classics (Brahms, Bach, Dvorák, Verdi, Schubert, Hindemith, Richard Strauss, Johann Strauss, etc.)
many famous marches
music for the kids (Sweet Gingerbread Man, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Thomas the Tank Engine, Teddy Bears’Picnic, etc.)
Suitable occasions: Concerts, conventions, fairs, weddings, funerals, sporting events, opening and closing ceremonies, and incidental music.

GCCB Second Band

This is also an excellent ensemble catering to those musicians that cannot dedicate quite as much time to achieving excellence as the first band. Of a similar size, it can accommodate a similar range of functions at a reduced cost.

Marching Band

A smaller ensemble of about 25, specialising in the presentation of music on the move. Usually only outdoor events.

Suitable occasions: Fairs, sporting events, opening and closing ceremonies, conventions and parades.

Ten-piece Ensemble

Known as “Brass Roots”, this is an ideal ensemble for occasions where space is a limiting factor. Specialising in the lighter style of easy listening music, this group provides a sophisticated sound without as much presence as the Concert Brass.

Suitable occasions: Conventions, fairs, weddings, sporting events, opening and closing ceremonies.

Five-piece Ensemble

The smallest and quietest of the groups, known as "Under-Wire Brass". This ensemble is mainly designed to work at weddings and receptions. The music supplied is more of a classical nature.

GCCB History

The GCCB traces its roots back to the Returned Services Memorial Band which was formed prior to the end of the 2nd World War. With various name changes including Hobart Concert Brass and 7HO Hobart Concert Brass, the ensemble finally moved to Glenorchy in 1983 under the wing of the Glenorchy City Council. As well as its many commitments to public performing, the GCCB has a very impressive record in the competition area:

  • First Tasmanian National ‘A’Grade competitor 1981
  • National ‘B’Grade Champions of New Zealand 1984
  • State ‘B’Grade Champions oh... heaps of years
  • Victorian Junior ‘A’Grade Champions 1990?
  • National ‘B’Grade Champions 1993
  • State ‘B’Grade Champions and Runners-up 1995
  • National ‘B’Grade Champions 1996
  • Continued excellence as Tasmania's highest ranked band in A-grade since 1996

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Conductor Dean Hunt and Mayor Adriana Taylor at the recent Celebration Concert for the 25th Anniversary of the band as Glenorchy City Concert Brass.