Clarissa Fanny Smith 1846-1905

The Childhood of Clarissa Fanny Smith

Clarissa Fanny Smith was born on 4 October 1846 at West Hackney, Middlesex, England. The sixth child of Henry Smith and Jane Price, she had two sisters and six brothers.

Her family (except for older siblings Jane Elizabeth and Henry Lancelot) immigrated to Australia in 1857. They arrived aboard the ship "John and Lucy" in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 6 May 1857.

Married Life

She met Samuel Best. He was to become her husband and they were married at Newtown in 1864. They had four children: Clarissa Jane (1865), Frederick (1867-1869), Arthur Augustus (1869) and Angel (1872-1872).

Samuel suffered from General Paralysis of Insane and was admitted to hospital in 1871 where he remained until his death in 1879.

Later adult years

After Samuel's hospital admission Clarissa remained in the suburbs of Newtown, Darlington and Redfern. She met and became a partner of Amiel Morris, a local bootmaker.

In later years Clarissa became known as Mrs. Morris.

Clarissa and Amiel had four children: Herbert (1874), Alfred (1875), Florence (1878) and Elvena Beatrice (1881).


Little is known about Clarissa's life after 1881.

Twenty four years later she suffered from cancer of the uterus, heart disease and heart failure. Clarissa (then known as Mrs. Morris) passed away in 1905 at the age of 59.

Extracted from: FTM by Ron Morris.

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Family Tree Chart

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