Ron Morris and Colleen Williamson

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Welcome, this personal family history web site that has been prepared by Ron Morris and Colleen Williamson. The purpose of the site is to show the direct ancestors of Ron and Colleen.

Dating back to the 1750's, five generations of ancestors from the Morris, Williamson, Cleary, Johnston, Randall and Clingan families are listed. This site is for the use of all members of the Morris and Williamson families and also for those who think that they may be related.

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Direct Ancestors of Ron and Colleen

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So far five generations of direct ancestors have been identified and verified. For more information click the link below.

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Family timeline and significant events

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Our family timeline looks at and remembers our past significant events such as birthdays, weddings and deaths. We recall both descendents and direct ancestors from the various branches of the Morris and Williamson family trees.

Our ancestors are not forgotten, we remember them each year on the anniversary date of each person's birthday, wedding or death.