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The page that you have tried to access is not available because it may infringe the privacy of individuals. If you believe that you should have access to these photographs, certificates, letters or other documents, you should obtain permission direct from the individual(s) involved.

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Privacy Issues

Family history research traditionally relies totally on the correct compilation of a network of family names, however it remains the right of living individuals to seek anonymity from publication or disclosure. It is unethical to include names or details of families without the permission of the individual whose right to privacy is at risk.


According to Australian historian Noeline Kyle* a biography can be written without the consent of an individual - many unauthorised versions of various famous lives have been produced in recent decades. A similar situation exists with family history; generally it is accepted that writing about lives, whether the subjects are alive or not, requires no special permission.


This Website and Copyright

This website respects the rights and privacy issues that arise in relation to the many individuals whose lives will ultimately be used to construct our family history. We acknowledge that our family history constitutes one of the most public acts of dissemination of names, dates, facts and information about the Morris and Williamson ancestors and descendents; it is, in this sense, better able to provide information about individuals and families than any other kind of historical research.

The information and photographs displayed on are subject to Australian Copyright. Permission from the copyright holders, Ron and Colleen Morris, is required before any copying can be done. Click below to request permission:

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Australian Copyright Council

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* Kyle, N., The Family History Writing Book, Noeline Kyle, Mullumbimby, 2001