Wedding of Myee Johnston to Norman Williamson

When Norman met and later married Myee at Kempsey

In September 1942, a few years after the start of world war two, Norman Stewart Williamson applied for the Army while in North Parramatta and subsequently enlisted in Kempsey on 5th September. In January 1942, Myee Maude Johnston resigned from the Wauchope Ford Dealership of Rose Bros. where she was in charge of the office and returned to live with her family in Kempsey. Both Norm and Myee met at Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia sometime during or after the last quarter of 1942.

On the 13th May 1944, Myee Maude Johnston and Norman Stewart Williamson were married at the All Saints Roman Catholic Church, in Kempsey. All photographs shown on this page were taken at the wedding and reception of Norm and Myee.

1: Formal wedding portrait of Norm and Myee (top right) taken soon after their marriage.

2: Photographs of Norm and Myee (middle right) posing for their official wedding portraits.

3: Portrait of wedding party (bottom right) following the marriage ceremony.

Myee and Norman group wedding photograph

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