Wedding of Peter Morris to Elspeth Miller

Peter Morris Married Elspeth Miller at Katoomba

This webpage celebrates the wedding and reception of Nicole Elspeth Miller and Peter Stuart Morris who were married at 4 Govett Street, Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia on the 26th April 2003. The photographs displayed here depict the exchange of wedding vows, kissing the bride, cutting the cake and a photo of the bride and groom with significant guests all highlighting the formal parts of Nicole and Peter's wedding ceremony.

1: Formal wedding photo (top right) taken soon after the marriage.

2: Photographs of Peter and Elspeth (middle right) sealing their marriage with a kiss and later cutting the cake at 4 Govett Street.

3: A group photograph (bottom right) taken following the marriage ceremony.

Group including Peter, Colleen  and Elspeth in wedding photograph

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