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3/Dec/2003 :
New version with importan gui controlls will be released shortly aswell as better optimization.

22/Apr/2001 :
Made a new build because the old one behaved strangely and this one also is 2x faster, so its about 18x realtime speed. So here is the 0.8.21 COPY NOW and the usual source code with both gui/cli projects etc... 0.8.21 SOURCE.
Also is fixed the effect where it wouldnt do anything when redoing a new conversion. It should be faster too, 11x realtime on p3-750. So go for it peoples.
UPDATE: Mac Version of AC3DEC.

12/Apr/2001 :
Ok finaly a new version, whats new? well like mpeg2avi PX3 0.1.4 , I am going the GUI, but unlike them, Im being one step smarter/cooler and making it work in both GUI and CONSOLE mode, so if its run from an icon its in gui, if its run with args or from dosprompt it acts like the old cli version. Har! Now why did I make it gui ? coz personaly I was getting tired of typing ;-) So now even if your drunk and half asleep at 4am, you can just drag/drop the ac3 files on it and snooze for 13mins. So get it folks, 0.8.20 COPY NOW and the usual source code with both gui/cli projects etc... 0.8.20 SOURCE.

27/Nov/2000 :
V3 of Divx2mp4 is done, just fixed bugs, and updated some features. Go to Downloads area. Also try my program XFILES for 'hidding' secret files

17/Jul/2000 :
8.19 is ready... just a little feature to seek to TIMECODE. Also decodevob 1.5 is done, it will also optionaly write out
the VOB if you wish to remove an angle from a source VOB. So... get your 0.8.19 COPY NOW.

27/Jun/2000 :
8.18 is done now, a few goodies here, you can save/load codec settings, the -44100 option is fixed and also its of higher quality when downsampling. Also I have 'taken' the improvements of the official acedec0.6.x on the linux side and put them (some) into this build, it should be faster and give better quality. Also this should handle some ac3 files which would make it crash. Oh and if you didnt notice a little site redesign because the old look was getting boring, (no frames too). So... get your 0.8.18 COPY NOW.

17/May/2000 :
8.17 is out now, you can now automaticaly do PCM output without that Chooser Box, so it can be scripted much happier now. Enjoy here, 8.17 zip file. Also from now on I am including decodevob part of the zip package because its damn usefull and is much faster in combination by demuxing the ac3 first, then decoding the ac3. Demux can take 5mins, and ac3dec can be upto 6.5 times real time speed.
Note to people who request 5.1 output in 3 wav files, yes it will be done, patience please.

3/May/2000 :
One Word, is all you need to remember.

25/Apr/2000 :
On 24Mar I did upload a fixed ac3dec which fixed the 1 channel problem, some wierd compiler effect. Now the update, we have a new DECODEVOB which can decode vobs into m2v/ac3 files, now this special version will autohandle vobs that are encoded in multi angles and this will just ignore the extra ones and only keep angle 0. Note to hackers: the angle info is stored in the Navigation Packets in the second area of the packet. I updated decodevob a few hours after posting , fixed a bug where the last segment in an angle segment was misoutputed, it sok now. As far as I can see.

23/Mar/2000 :
AC3Dec fixes the status printouts after 1gig of wav written, some other cosmetic fixes in status also. But the biggest fix is DIVX2mp4, added some extra options to restore your changes, or to do custom ID changes, and also a bug is fixed in it.

11/Mar/2000 :
New features for ac3dec, these include better seeking without currupted audio and an insertMS option to insert blank MS of audio into the output file, for those needing to sync properly ;)
Also decodeVOB has been fixed/updated, better support for output location which was part broken before and also better spanning from 1 vob to a second vob without missing data at all, and also fixed the writing of the buffered IO which didnt flush the cache if it finished half way into a block. Its all technical so basicly you just gota know that its all ok now. And also you can specify the buffer sizes to with -savesize and -preloadsize options to maxmize you thruput. Having a brand new fast HD sure makes things fast. Decode time for me of a 2:30hr ac3 took 14minutes. So download away dudes.

05/Mar/2000 :
Ok, a small fix for ac3dec, just the last buffer wasnt outputting nicely, and some other minor bits fixed and you can now optionly decide the output buffer size too. AAC code started, but not complete or working yet. So .814 ready now. Grab it.

29/Feb/2000 :
Decodevob has been updated with a little better option, you can specify the output drive now, enjoy all.
Also I do have a future outline of plans to share with all.
1. incorporate use of the AAC encode DLL (MPEG-2 audio) to produce mpeg-2 audio files. This looks easy since the encode is an easy to use DLL. Also a possibility is to use the XING encoder too if you wish to make mp1-layer2/layer3 audio files quicker than the slow official implementation
2. A longer term plan is to make a version of ac3dec into a perfect Decoder DLL just like the AAC is formated so that it then as a decoder could be incorporated into mpeg2avi source, which btw at the same time mpeg2avi could do a lot of fixes like the status info to be more ac3dec like and handle those anoying crashes and ofcourse add cooler options to it.

14/Feb/2000 :
Heres an update of DecodeVOB 1.1 , supports a few extra commands and multi vob files spanning and also output of multiple AC3 files at once, -audio 0 -audio 1, you can put multiple of these in.
Not to mention ac3dec has gone to .8.13, just a few optimizations in the heaftiest area (mantisa) and also more efficient buffered output to make the HD happy.
Made a new program, DIVX2MP4, this will re-convert an AVI/ASF back to MPEG4-v3 codec IDs from the DIVX one, why? because we dont want stupid ASF files dependant on a codec which is hard to find , we want an ASF made with the latest codec and also be able to play back on any Windows OS too. Use it if you like, if not, I dont care, but remember, all the DIVX codec is, is the true mpeg4 codec , just the ID changed to make it work in AVIs, (Why oh why is it called divx, tsk tsk tsk)

05/Feb/2000 :
Been re-writing the VOB reader in a seperate project for you all to try, get the program DecodeVOB , ofcourse its in source and reads/decodes vob really fast and saves out the m2v or ac3 file. Enjoy it. Its a hell smaller/easier to read than BBDMUX stuff and faster. Feel free to incorporate it into your own code, this should without too much trouble apear in ac3dec later.
Also ac3dec as a few tiny more features , thats all for now, enjoy your transcoding. Dont forget, keep reading 2600, Viva La Resistonce and freedom to all.

25/Jan/2000 :
I think I fixed the high pitch sound, blame optimization code in uncouple.c, it should be fine, testing on one file I could hear an improvement.

29/Nov :
Patience... been taking a break lately, will make a major improvement soon in terms of speed + more cool options.

10/Nov :
New beta code, in_ac3.dll is a plugin for Winamp to play AC3 files, its more or less working still needs some work for perfect use ,but its at least there.
-44100 from 48khz conversion seams to sound ok, so give that a try.

8/Nov :
Thanks for all your emails, too busy to email all individualy, but I addressed all bugs/problems , you can use's forum also to address features. If you get wierd high pitch audio effects, thats some core level maths stuff, I am talking to the original author on possible fixes, but only some files seam to do that, not all.