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At Anou Cattery we have two stud cats. Anou Kostya is our Russian Black stud who carries the dilute gene [see genetics] and produces Black Russian or Blue Russian kittens when mated to one of our Russian Blue queens. He is a lovable character with heaps of personality, and his offspring have the same. The Russian Black coat is not as plush as the Russian Blue yet, but we are working on improving it. Likewise, the Russian Black appears to have a leaner body type, and even more relaxed 'doll-like' attitude than the Russian Blue. Our Russian Blue Stud, Keehotay Samuda, is a big boy who is unbelievably affectionate. He is typical of the male Russian Blue in his bulkiness and general size, and he's not even fully grown!!! His offspring are very sound and true to type, although we have only been breeding with him for a short while since the loss of Anou Satrlight.  
                                       Anou Kostya - Russian Black Stud & his kittens                                              

                                                              Keehotay Samuda                                                               

                                                              Russian Colour Genetics                                                               


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