I’m Stephen Swayne, a photographer, videographer and artist who lives in Queensland Australia. My imagery ranges widely, from landscapes of the remote deserts of central Australia and the United States of America to portraits of world music artists to exotic fantasy landscape artworks... Here you will find links to galleries to more fully explore my creative output.  I am a part time freelance photographer who makes a modest income that supports my photographic interests. I like the name Serendigity and have been using this made up word for many years. (Kind of a play of digital and serendipity...)

The internet has opened up the world to countless photographic opportunities. It is now possible to showcase one’s photography and art to a global audience unimaginable a few decades ago.


Stephen Swayne


Mobile:  0479 041 957

Skype:  steveswayne

Photography : My photographs are showcased on Flickr.com where they have been seen over six million times. Please click the link above to be taken to see my albums.

Videography : I have created a range of short videos over the years covering a variety of topics. Most recently I have focussed on scenic travels overseas and in outback Australia. My videos are showcased on YouTube.com where they have been watched over 400,000 times. Please click the link above to be taken to see my YouTube channel.

Art : I am interested in digital artistic expression using various methods ranging from 3D ray tracing of digital models, fractal landscapes, and altered photographs through to digital paintings using a Wacom digital paintbrush and large graphics tablet.