"Beyond the Skies, Beneath the Seas..." showcases the work of Sydney based photographer Geoff Sims. Best known for his dramatic photographs of total solar eclipses over stunning landscapes, Geoff has travelled to some of the most remote corners of the globe to intercept the Moon's shadow and capture the perfect photograph. Aside from eclipses, Geoff is also interested in photographing other astronomical phenomena including moonscapes, the night sky, and transient events such as meteor showers, comets and auroral displays.

Geoff began photographing the night sky over 10 years ago, beginning in 1999 with a high school visual arts project. At that point - before the world turned digital - he shot with a classic Olympus OM-1 film camera, often developing and printing his own images using toxic chemicals in a dark room. Like most others, he has now (almost!) exclusively thrown in the silver halide crystals, replacing them with highly sensitive pixels on the latest low-noise Canon DSLRs, along with fast, sharp lenses.

As well as an avid astrophotographer, Geoff obtained his PhD in Astrophysics at the University of NSW in mid-2013, where he researched atmospheric and astronomical conditions in Antarctica. In 2012-2013, involvement in this research led to an expedition to Ridge A, Antarctica (approximately 1000 km from the geographic South Pole) to service a remote astronomical observatory. When not analysing astrophysical data, photographing the night sky or chasing total solar eclipses, Geoff is usually found surfing anywhere from the crowded beaches of Sydney to the malaria infested jungles of India & Indonesia. He also works casually as a night sky guide at the historic Sydney Observatory.

Geoff's work has been published internationally in newspapers, books, magazines and popular blogs, and has been fortunate enough to win a number of prestigious awards.

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