Contributors & Sponsors

We’d like to thank the following people who have contributed parts, ideas and other assistance to get Coconut Island off the ground:

Cabinet Art

    Local forum member Spacies has created the cabinet artwork, and what a fantastic effort it is! We are very proud of his contribution which adds a professional touch to the external presentation of the game

Some RGPers

    Cliffy stepped up with an offer of parts that made the cost of producing the proto whitewood low, allowing us to use some of the spare $ for other things (ie six-packs and other development tools....)

    Visit Cliffy’s Site

    And do yourself a favour and protect all those bits that need protecting!

    “A pinball ain’t complete until it’s been Cliffied!!!”

    Nick’s mate AL (AKA pinmonkey or the various versions created by Nick in an attempt to annoy him – pinprimate, pinanthropoid, pintreedweller etc). Watch out for anything posted by AL, there’s always a laugh in there! AL also stepped up right away offering some parts to make this happen.

    Visit AL’s site

    Maybe if AL gets to like you he might send you something to read...believe me, it’s worth it!

    Al Garber - 1954 to 2009

Lloyd Olson
    As if Lloyd wouldn't step up with something! He's providing an old AFM SoL weldment that's going to feature in the second proto. Little does Lloyd realize how appropriate that is....

    Visit SS Billiards site

Martin Reynolds
    Martin has offered to cut plastics for us for playfield toys and, well, plastics!
    For some great "pin bits" Visit... pinbits!

Frank Gant Orbit Pinball
    Frank has kindly offered to assist with plastics and artwork for Coconut Island

    Visit Orbit Pinball

    A real big thanks to nuggy’s great mate Koshy, stuck out in the mines in the “Outback”. Before he left, and even remotely he has been instrumental in the development software that forms the backbone of NPC.

Tom Cariello
    The last thing we expected was for another RGPers to step up out of the blue and offer to make us a web site! Well Tom did, and this great site is courtesy his generosity.

Anthony Kapolka
    Just when we thought we’d need to scratch build the controller board, Anthony helped out with getting us in touch with Art Connor who had produced the boards we needed.

And all of these guys who came forward with help, information, or encouragement:
    Brad Oldham, Virt, Craig Tiano, Darren Raymond (RGP lurker and fellow Aussie), and all the others who have responded to our posts with just words of support and encouragement.

Local Dealers
    Parts are hard to come by down under and we tend to recycle things a lot. New parts would have made the development a lot dearer than it was, and we were very grateful when David Stein & David Maxton at Melbourne’s Bumper Action Amusements showed their support. David Stein has taken a special interest in this project, and might, just might, maybe, get a chance to see his “dream machine” come to life in NPC Development Project Phase Two.......

    Visit Bumper at:
    Pinball Faith is a great night’s entertainment!

Art Connor
If we missed you or you have something that can help this project, be it ideas, bits, whatever, and would like to be immortalised on this page – feel free to contact Nuggy or Nick!