Rules & Modes
Coconut Island rev 43

Mode 0 (regular game mode)
    Hit coconut stand-up targets to collect coconuts
    Satisfying coconut count lights mode start thru exit 1 of toy valve
    Stacking a 2-ball multiball via the muncher is possible on selected modes
    (coconut frenzy, mower madness, treasure hunt)
    Pop bumper adds coconuts and also moves lit mode
    Hitting the three stand-up targets at the bar will result in 5 million
    Hitting the three stand-up targets at the oil plant will shift valve to different exits
    Mow various lawns for mower upgrades and lawn jackpots, combos abound
    Shooting ball muncher will lock ball for quick multiball
    Right inlane doubles coconuts collected for 10 secs
    Spinner will add coconuts and also has internal increment counter
    Skill shot is the “little bit on side” lawn, lights extra ball (first ball)

Mode 1 (treasure hunt)
    Timed mode
    All targets worth 1 million
    Front coconut target to be hit to reward the collected treasure
    If not then awards lost!

Mode 2 (mower madness)
    Timed mode to complete all lit lawns
    Jackpot for completion of mode

Mode 3 (coconut frenzy)
    Timed mode all targets worth 250k
    Can be increased to 500k per hit if muncher dropped with no ball inside

Mode 4 (ESD) shutdown in progress
    Cpu decides random exit of TOY, locking in valve to correct exit, lights jackpot
    that is decreasing from 30 million in 1 million increments

Mode 5 (Barflies)
    Timed mode
    Hit bar targets for 2 million a hit and various funny quotes

Mode 6 (village idiot)
    Timed mode
    Hit all targets for worthless points - crickets!

Mode 7 (quik multiball)
    Jackpot is coconuts X 1 million
    Double jackpot is available sequential

Mode 8 (Tropical Storm)
    Timed mode
    Counting down (time and a points value) to the big storm hitting. You have to visit all the lawns to save items such as mowers, people, dogs, toys before they are blown away. Collect the lit item for 10x countdown value and another item lights in a different area. Collect an unlit one for just 1x. Collect them all for Avoid The Storm Jackpot.

    (With thanks to the winner of the Coconut Island name-a-mode competition, Martin Ayub)

Eruption wizard mode (not complete)