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Greg Brown Jan. 2003

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Personal Interests

My Family
Driving my red Alfa Romeo 75 (Milano to the Americans)
   Frank Zappa
  Mike Rudd & Bill Putt (Spectrum)
   Nina Hagen
   Laurie Anderson
Swimming, surfing, and anything in the sea
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Biographical Information
Guess some more. 

Here is a photo of me and a kangaroo taken in Adelaide in April 1998,  after ISMRM 1998, when friends (Bart Schraa and Piotr Wielopolski) were visiting the Cleland Conservation Park in the Adelaide Hills.

Greg and a roo April 1998

Spectrum  (Mike Rudd & Bill Putt joined at their musical hips)

A precis of Spectrum history
Whammo entry for Ariel
Whammo entry for Spectrum  ( a bit dated now guys)
Whammo entry for Mike Rudd & the Heaters

Contact Information Greg Brown
Senior Radiographer:  Research & Technical Development
MRI Unit
Royal Adelaide Hospital
North Terrace
South Australia         5112

Phone 08 8 2224700 or 0417 852703   International 61 8 82224700
FAX     08 8 2225930                                 International 61 8 82225930