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Kirrin & Declan's Appearances on the Web

Kirrin (my daugther), holding a map doing some orienteering  on her 10th birthday at a school camp near Adelaide. 
In November 2000 Kirrin, Declan and I won an observation run with the Alfa Romeo car Owners' Association (S.A).  It was a scorching day (despite what the AROCA report said) and we had a great day screaming through the Adelaide Hills spotting clues and harrying other Alfas.  Read all about it
Declan, Kirrin, and I make more appearances on the Alfa pages (if you know where to look).  This was the October 1998 observation run, our first club outing with the car. Kirrin and Declan took turns being the navigator and chief observer.  We got a bit lost, and a few wrong clues before making it to the picninc spot.
One of the clues we got right was at the commemorative plaque of West Lakes.