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Prepared by Greg Brown at  Royal Adelaide Hospital  MRI Unit,  Adelaide  South Australia Last Update 18th August 2003
From Picture to Protons

Mc Robbie D., Moore E., Graves M, Prince M
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0521523192

Designed for the post graduate student, and those interested in accurate descriptions of the physics of MRI presented in a logical and readable fashion.  The text moves progressively from the familiar  (pictures) to the mysterious (protons), offering the student several paths through the text at different levels of complexity. The text offers novice readers a clear direct path,  the more experienced reader usres can follow expanded descriptions in side-bars and break out boxes. The bok can offer an enjoyable read as well as act as a reference source.  Physics, history, quirky chapter titles and a few jokes, but no mistakes.  Sets a new standard  Picture to Proton cover
Questions & Answers in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 2nd Edition
Elster A., Burdette J.
ISBN 0323011845
The first edition of this book was wonderful. Short, direct answers to the questions that occur to many MR students.  The book can be read through cover to cover, and should be at least once, but its unique power comes later when you are trying to recall an answer or solve an issue  QA 2 cover
Review Questions in MRI
Faulkner W., Kaut C.
Blackwell Science
A book full of multiple choice questions (and answers) to help prepare for the American Technologists'  MR Registry exam.  Helpful for Australian radiographers taking the A.I.R. MR Accreditation part 1 exam. Note there are some changes to regulated SAR limits between this book and the IEC, Australian and New Zealand standards. Review Questions