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MRI Professional Societies

Australian & New Zealand SMRT Chapter ISMRM  The International Soeciety for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
MRI Technologists e-mail List & discussion forum
The global On-line community of MR technologists.    Managed by ISMRM staff for the SMRT
British Association of Magnetic Resonance Radiographers
European Society for Magentic Resonance in Medicine and Biology
American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Technologists
  Clinical Magnetic Resonance Society

Join the SMRT
Membership of the SMRT makes you a part of a society dedicated solely to the meeting the needs of Radiographers for quality MRI information.  Click here to print a membership application form. Application Form.     Click on the SMRT logo above to explore the history and purpose of the SMRT in associated pages

MRI Education Sites & Resources

MRI Education for Radiographers

K-Space Tools
Kspace tutorials and a prgramme for examining  the effects of changing conditions on K-Space
Dr Eltjo Hasselhof
Leeds Cardiac Magnetic Resonance


Moriel Ness Avier's magical land of straight forward MR physics

"MR Acronyms Registration Site" 
A brilliant site that indexes and explains the myriad of MR sequence and technique acronyms 

Siemens Medical Systems

provided by Amersham Health
An on-line medical encyclopoedic resource
Australian Institute of Radiography
MRI Study Guide
Useful if you want their MR accreditation. 
Check out my Accreditation Page for more information
NIH Logo
Public Medline Service
Foundations of MRI
History and Principles of MRI from J.Shorey at Duke University
fMRI Page
Dr Richard Cox
 Dr Bob Edelman's 
Advanced MRI Applications Syllabus 
MRI Artefacts Gallery 
ISMRM MRI Education Software Index
MRI Links Page  ISMRM  MRI Related  E-mail Lists & Discussion Groups Introduction to MRI
Graham Wright PhD
Advanced Technologists Education (ATE)
MRI Curriculum  by Todd Frederick
MRI Tutorials On-Line
Drs. Groover, Christie & Merritt

The Basics of MRI
Joseph .P. Hornack
An Excellent On-line Book of MRI principles & Physics 
On-Line Learning Centre
Zen & the Art of Venepuncture
An illustrated guide by an Adelaide paediatric anaesthetist
Diffusion Imaging:
From Basic Physics to Practical Imaging
Stadnik,Luypaert,Jager & Osteaux
Cathy Westbrook's MRI  Site
Course Details and Great Links

MRI Artefacts Page
Wayne Patola & Bruce Coulter.
St Pauls Hospital VANCOUVER
Karolinska logo
Alphabetical List of Diseases 
Karolinska Institute
MRI of Uterus:
Case Studies presented by Dr Peter Cooperberg & Jim Bilbey 
St Paul's Hospital 
Vancouver CANADA
MRI Anatomy Atlas
Laurie Imaging Centre 
Includes links to the visible human
Introduction to MRI and MRS
University of Michigan
GE Medical Systems
On-line MR subjects

A Collection MRI Notes, Lectures and Papers
Mark S. Cohen PhD UCLA 
Introduction to fMRI
Mark S Cohen & Susan J Bookheimer
A MAC program that draws relaxation curves and predicts signal and noise levels
Phillips MRI Questions Page
 by Joel Gibson

 Educational resuources for MRI students by Ray Ballinger. 
An Inustrial  & Commercial Development History of MRI
by the SRI
An interesting review of the scientific developments leading to commercial release of MRI scanners
Maps of the Brain 
Arthur W. Toga and Paul M. Thompson 
Anat Rec (New Anat) 265:37-53, 2001 
View Abstract | Full Text PDF Full Text HTML 

Bill Faulkner & Candi Roth's Education Site
Pioneers of MRI
A web book
by Merill Simon and James Mattson
Site hosted by FONAR
MRI Technologists e-mail List & discussion forum
Now managed by the SMRT, following Richard Helsper's great tradition
MRI Technologists List
Shared Images Album
mri1  mri1

Glossary of MR Terms
1995 4th Edition
MRI on the Web
A comprehensive introduction to MR Physics, images and principles from M.Stoute and Alexander.van Tilborgh in Holland 
A radiology on-line community 
Lumisys. Kodak Eastman
An on-line MR Sprectroscopy community 
JohnWiley & Sons
University of Manchester
an educational service of the Washington University School of Medicine
MR Physics From Basic to Advanced
Richard Watts D Phil. Cornell University 
FANTASTIC Slide collecction

Neuroradiology Teaching Files Database
Imaging examples and notes from UCSD
Lexicon of MR scan  parameter terms across different vendors

MR Safety Links

MRI Safety Page
Dr. Manny Kanal,
University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre

Institute for Magnetic Resonance Safety Education & Research
Dr Frank Shellock Director

FDA Criteria for Significant Risk Investigations.  July 2003 

Device Interactions with MRI Scanners Feb 1997
Dr Frank Shellock

New login procedures after recent server virus attack

ECRI FDA Centre for Device Related Hazards (CDRH) U.K. Medical Devices Agency
REVEAL Plus Implanted Loop recorders
REVEAL Plus Safety Disclaimer
SynchroMed implanted pump.Local Information
SynchroMed EL Intra-thecal Infusion Pump. Instructions Regarding MRI
INTERSTIM Bladder Stimulators Disclaimer 
ENTERRA Gastric Stimulator

Accidents Databases
MAUDE: A database of device related accidents and events from CDRH 
Medical Device Reporting (1992 to 1996)
UK Guidelines for Clinical MR

Comparison of international MR safety guidelines: Greg Brown


Significant MR Accidents
Pacemaker Death at Australian MRI Site April 2000

Missile Injury Death July 2001

Lets keep this list short

ACR white paper on MR safety
MRI Safe Practice Guidelines

U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs's National Centre for Patient Safety 
Summary of MR Hazards
Comments on the ACR MR safety white paper by Dr. F.G. Shellock & Dr. J.V. Crues
(posted with permission) 
in Adobe Acrobat (R) format
Handheld  Magnet for Testing

General Information About MRI Scanning
This section is intended as a guide for the general public and students seeking basic information about MRI scanning.

MRI Patient InformationRoyal Adelaide Hospital
MRI For Kids   Royal Childrens' Hospital Melbourne Australia
MRI Patient Information   GE Medical Systems (commercial source)
A Guide to MRI  Internet Health Services Company  (commercial source)
What is an MRI Scan ? Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital  U.S.A
MRI patient information in Greek   Bensons Radiology Australia
What is MRI ?   Hitachi Medical Systems (commercial source)
MRI Tutorials On-Line  Drs. Groover, Christie & Merritt
Your MRI Examination   Richard Hornack
Questions about Open MRI   Open Advanced MRI P/L (commercial source)
The MRI FAQ Page  FONAR Corporation (commercial source)
Find a nearby MRI Scanner by U.S. Zip Code  MRI Net
Typical Charges for U.S. MRI services  GE Medical Systems (commercial source)
Patient Information  Fort Wayne Radiology MRI Centre
MRI Practice   Joseph Castillo Malta

MRI Manufacturers & Associated Commercial Sites

Siemens  MR
Join Magnetom World
GE Medical Systems

Philips Medical MRI

MR Publications including archives

Specialist manufacturer of
Coils, Phased Arrays,
Functional Imaging Systems 
Interventional MR instruments


MRI Product Line

Odin Medical Technologies

0.12T permenant magnet operating room MRI system
Millenium Technology
Canadian MR Manufacturer
0.35 T permanent
magnet system
ONI Inc.
OrthoOne (tm) Extremity scanner
MEDRAD MR products
Injectors, Coils, Sound systems, Patient monitoring, fMRI systems
NEW MR infusion system
Extemity MRI Scanners sold under LUNAR brand

Daum Medical
Suppliers of MRI surgical & Biopsy Instruments and Injectors
Schiller MAGLIFE-C
MRI compatible patient monitor
Australian Distributor
Paediatric MR incubator
MR Neonatal Incubator
Lammers Medical
LMT Germany
U.S. Agent
MRA Injection Set
Resonance Technologies
MRI compatible Video & Music systems for patient comfort and fMRI
Medical Devices
Australian distributor of MR monitoring
Medrad MR Monitors
MEDRAD MR Patient Monitors

Invivo Research 
MR patient monitors

Australian Distributor

Datex Ohmeda S/5 MR monitor
MR leads and accessories
Not for Sale in U.S.A. & Canada (23.10.01)
Nonin 8600FO
MR pulse oximeter
ULCO Signet  MRI
Australian MR compatible Anaesthetic Machine 

Datex Ohmeda 
Anaesthetic machine
Lindgren RF
Suppliers of MRI RF enclosures.  Includes a good technical section
 Saturation Pads, and Drug Administration Pumps
Machinery Forum : Australian Distributors
N.B. burns reported with EKG on Tesla Plus

MRI related products 
MRI & multi-modality Markers
MR-Innovation GbmH
Floating tables for the Siemens SONATA to do MRA angiograph
The MR Cooperative 
Global Medi-Tek
Second Hand equipment broker 
Ningbo Helimagnet Corporation
Chinese manufacturer of 0.2T & 0.3T MRI magnets 
Digital MRI XXI
Manufacturers of 0.07T to 0.27 T Clinical Scanners
United Medical Technologies
Second Hand equipment broker 
Dynamic Joint MR Imaging Devices
Trans Tech Concepts Inc.
Supplier of second hand and refurbished MR equipment
Handheld  Magnet for Testing
Summary Page of Commercially Available MR Scanners MAGMEDIX
Suppliers of a comprehensive range of MR related and MR compatible products & other MR site services 
MR scanners and monitoring devices
Superconductive RF Coils
A commercial service to turn your MR protocols from scrappy notes to professional looking manuals
RF Shielding Companies Origin Industries
Australian Equipment re-seller

MRI Professional Issues & Administrative Resources

  • MRI Site Accreditation Resources (U.S.A. and Australia & New Zealand)

  • MRI Public Policy Issues  (Funding, BIlling, Access)


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