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Prepared by Greg Brown at  Royal Adelaide Hospital  MRI Unit,  Adelaide  South Australia Last Update September 26th  2003
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Current fMRI Projects at Royal Adelaide
fMRI image analysis methods Cognitive Neuroscience Laborotory Flinders University

fMRI Resources
fMRI For Dummies Dr Jody Culham University of Western Ontario
fMRIDCThe fMRI Data Center   A public repository of peer reviewed fMRI studies and their underlying data.
Functional  A small collection of links
Functional MRI Data Analysis A manual by Nick Szumski & Michael Rotte MGH Harvard
fMRI Analysis tools Website
fMRI Club Netherlands
"fMRI Software" On-line Manual Pawel Skudlarski Yale University
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging A descriptive paper by Drs. Cohen and Brookheimer UCSD
MGH Neuroradiology Clinical pre-surgical  fMRI Protocol

fMRI Unit Websites
fMRI Related Products and Equipment
  • Cambridge Research Systems Ltd.
  • IFIS Integrated fMRI systems Medical Devices Corporation
  • IZIMED MR Markers   for image coregistration
  • fMRI Image Analysis Package Paul Skudlarski 1998
  • Lumina fMRI response Pads
  • Rowland Institute for Science  Optically isolated USB interface response devices and TTL interfaces
  • Resonance Technologies fMRI video systems
  • Viewpoint Eye Tracking Systems