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Prepared by Greg Brown at  Royal Adelaide Hospital  MRI Unit,  Adelaide  South Australia Last Update April 12th 2003
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MRI Papers and Presentations

Fat Suppression Techniques
Abdominal Imaging Notes
Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA). A Brief Overview
Multi-planar Reconstruction in Routine Applications
MRI Hardware  Present in HTML but still being refined
A Comparison of MRI Array Coil Configurations
Paediatric Neuro-Oncology    Michael KeanRoyal Childrens' Hospital  Melbourne
MRI Appearances of Haemmorhage
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Scanning Tips

Getting Better Fat Suppression Shimming and Centre Frequency Checks
Siemens SVS SE 135 The Easy Way

MR Contrast Agents


    Gadolinium DTPA



Amersham Health



gadobenate dimeglumine



MRI Protocols

Renal Gadolinium MRA Protocols Royal Adelaide Hospital (downloads in RTF)
Renal Gadolinium MRA Learning Module  University of Michigan & RSNA
Weadock, Dong, Londy, Prince 
Gadolinium MRA Protocols Makers of Smartset Injection kit
Generic Abdominal Protocols Royal Adelaide Hospital
MRCP  Royal Adelaide Hospital
Head Protocols Royal Adelaide Hospital
Pituitary Scanning Information Yukio Miki PhD MD
Dynamic CE Breast for tumour Royal Adelaide Hospital
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DICOM & Miscellaneous Radiology  Resources
Dave Clunie's Medical Image Format Site

Use it and you'll understand why its indispensable for anyone dealing with image files. 

FREE medical image viewing software for PC, MAC, UNIX X-Windows
Views DICOM, performs orthogonal MPR, cardiac analysis, image segmentation

Formerly RadImage
Windows software to help create radiology presentations. Transfer from scanner, ananymize and export in a range of formats
Commercial software with a trial version available.
Lots of hints and discussion groups regarding making presentations 
A  free comprehensive image analysis programme. Available in many flavours
Download IMAGE for Macs
 Image for Win  95 or NT
IMAGE  in Java Scripts
DICOM Central Test Node
FREE  Image Viewing Software Capable of displaying virtually all medical images. Available for PC MAC and a range of UNIX varieties. Provided by Mallinkrodt.
Fabulous Free and Open
A gift to us all from Phillipe Puech & Loic Boussel of France.
They wrote themselves a program to view and convert DICOM images, make AVI files, write CDs. 
And in the best traditions of the internet and cooperative development, they offer it to you freely.
Dr Razz Logo
Dr Razz
A free Mac programme for viewing medical images
Scan Stat
Free Macintosh software 
Review Medical Images 
 Convert Medical Image File Types 
 Perform common image editing tasks 
 Analyze functional MRI time series
 Record Behavioral Responses during imaging sessions 
 Prepare Estimates of MR Signal Changes with Behavioral Activity 
 Check functional images for registration/motion errors and 
     other common artifacts 
by Chris Rorden of Nottingham
A free image viewer for Windows tailored to volumne analysis and fMRI tasks
Converts from DICOM to Analyze format
Interfaces with SPM

TomoVision 1.1
FREE Windows software for viewing medical images. Establishes a DICOM SCP entity
PC based Commercial software to establish DICOM entity, create 3D volume rendered  objects, MIPs
Free evalaution copy available
PC based FREE software that reads native image data from GE DAT & MOD , Picker 8mm tape, Siemens MOD, and TAR format archives.
A commercial comprehensive image visulatization tool for scientific projects
Available for different platforms.
FP Image for Windows
Commercial image viewer and DICOM database handler with add on 3D modules.
Saves Cine presentations as AVI files.
A free DICOM browser and trial versions of the medical viewer are available
Comercial PC based medical image viewer and scalable workstation. Establishes a DICOM SCU,SCP node, MPR including double oblique, MIP

Software for DICOM SCU, SCP node and viewer on PC.  Does orthogonal MPR, image merge, DSA, creates DICOM CDs, exports in standard file formats.
 Toronto University Health Network & Mount Sinai Hospital
Now commercial with a low licence fee
PennState University Radiology Page Philips Medical
DICOM Cookbook
downloads pdf file
Non-Technical Introduction to DICOM
Steven Horii..
Conversion of DICOM files to SPM format
Written for LINUX  or Windows 2000 by Stefan and Sarka of University Hospitals KULeuven.
Intended for siemesn Syngo DICOM export files, but couold work with any DICOM. Try it and discuss it with them
3D Post Processing Software,Web Based PACS, Review workstations 
AccuView - 3D workstation
eStation - Web based remote viewer
Incognitus - Dicom file anonymiser
Free downloads @ samples
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MRI Related E-Mail Lists and Discussion Groups
The MRI-Technologists' E-mail list
Richard Helsper manages this brilliant forum for working MRI radiographers' discussions.
Get on it !
Siemens OPEN & OPEN Viva ! Users
Request subscription from Bill Wright with subscribe as the body and subject.

Current Projects at Royal Adelaide Hospital MRI

Links to Images of MRI Hardware (Machines)

The Idominatable.  World's First full body MRI   Dr Raymond Damadian, Lawrence Minkoff & friends

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February 13 2002
Greg Brown