MRI-Technologists  The List For MRI Technologists

The internationally subscribed e-mail discussion list for MRI technologists and associated clinical MRI users.
It is managed by Richard Helsper from the Dukes Medical Centre in the U.S.A.

Common Questions

What is MRI-Technologists?

Its an e-mail based discussion group (an e-mail list) that provides a forum for MRI technologists to discuss issues of MRI practice and service delivery.   This e-mail list is (in my opinion) the most significant MRI education activity on the internet.   Think of it as a permanent coffee break at an ongoing MRI conference.   MRI technologists, radiologists and scientists discuss any topic that is put up in an open and supportive forum. 

What is an e-mail list?

Its an open discussion carried out via e-mail.   Subscription is the step you take to become part of a list of e-mail addressees that can post items to the group and receive the postings of other members.   Basically you send your e-mail to an address handled by some software called a list server.   The list server checks you are one of its subscribers, then send the message to the moderator (Richard Helsper).  The moderator then validates the message and it is sent to all the members of the group.  Everyone gets to read your question or response.    You can comment on any of the topics under discussion or generate new discussion (new threads).
Lists generally serve small special interest groups  and are used to screen out the general public and net marketers that dog Usenet groups (newsgroups).
Normal Netiquette rules common sense and good manners apply in these discussions.  We are all real people talking to real people.

What topics are discussed?

Discussion is raised by the members of the group.  Basically anything you want to discuss with your colleagues about MRI is fair.  That might be your views on patient handling, technical selections, funding issues, safety etc.   The list moderator vets all messages but you'd barely notice it.   Richard keeps the list clear of blatant advertising, personal abuse and the e-mail dross that affects many open lists.  If you think about it submit it, seems to be the general rule.

Recent topics discussed have included

Subscribers have access to an archive of all the list traffic, so you can go back over earlier discussions or see what matters have been talked about in the past.  It is a great research tool.

 How do I subscribe to the list?

The list is moderated by Richard Helsper of Dukes University Medical Centre.  To become a subscriber to the group send him an e-mail introducing yourself and your MRI experience.
Things like
Its that simple.   Shortly after that e-mail Richard will send you introductory information about the list and its facilities.

Does it cost anything?

No.  Its all free, thanks to the efforts of Richard, and the patronage of his employer,the Dukes Medical Centre.
That's what the Internet was all about.  A tool for the sharing of information and opinion, so come be a part of a giving community.

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