Mom's Art Page

A small collection of paintings and sketches by Irvane Spracklin

"Life in a Northern Town"

I never realized how typical of a Northern town Mt. Holly is until I took a closer look at this painting... steel blue winter skies, leafless trees, chilly winds which defy any attempt at insulation, concrete walls and tall, stark spires. Actually, Mt. Holly is quite a place. Founded almost a century before the Revolution, the town's Anglican church still has its charter from King George hanging in the vestry.

"The Jersey Devil"

This sketch brings the legend of the Jersey Devil to life. I like how every-day nature and the devil are intertwined in this piece. I can think of two interpretations of this. Maybe the sketch is saying that we don't fully understand nature and that there are real 'devils' out there... like Ebola. Or, maybe it's saying that we don't spend enough time trying to understand nature and thus misinterpret normal things as 'devils'... the hoot of an owl which becomes, in our imaginations, the moaning of a tortured soul.


This is a portrait of my niece Crystal. She is holding a Shirley Temple doll that my Mother used to play with when she was a child. I like the use of color in this piece. The yellows and reds hold the painting together very well. Also, the continuity in color seems to act as a metaphor for the generational continuity hinted at by the doll.


I think watercolor really shines when it is used to depict water such as a tidal pool (as in this piece) or a stormy sky. The flow of the paint seems to capture the flow of water very nicely.