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Sept. 10, 1997
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Right about now you're probably thinking to yourself, "What am I doing here and who is this guy?" Well, I can't help you with the first question and these pages probably won't help out a lot with the second question, either. But, I had a lot of fun putting these pages together and I hope you enjoy them.

These pages have a threefold purpose. First of all, they're a cool test bed where a software developer like myself can experiment with developing neat stuff... like the virus that's going to reformat your drive as soon as you hit the Back button... just kidding! That's next week's project!?!?

Secondly, these pages are a great way to communicate with colleagues, friends, family and people who I've probably never met before but who have common interests and concerns.

Lastly, they let me indulge myself by talking a little about the things I like to do and how I make a living .

I don't have the artistic talent of my Mother, so please forgive the shoddy appearance of these pages. Hopefully, these Web projects will help improve my graphics skills... but I'm not going to hold my breath. One last note about the format of these pages... as any one of my friends will tell you, my thinking is very tangential. This carries through to the layout of these pages. The smallest little mark can go tumbling off into space. So, if you care to, click around some and see where you end up.

Of course, comments, suggestions, questions, etc., etc., etc... are always welcome. So, please do not hesitate to e-mail .

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