Grand Canyon: Weekend Warrior Strikes Again

If you haven't hiked Grand Canyon yet, you should. The surrounding land is beautiful to begin with but the canyon turns this area into something sublime. And, there is a lot to see and experience here, from the fossil records embedded in the canyon walls to the indian culture, past and present, in and around the canyon. The shear beauty of the land, the wildlife and the challenge of the hikes make this a must see.

The Hiking Group: Anita, Oai and me

The signs tell you that under no circumstances should anyone hike from the rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River and back again in one day... much too strenuous, especially considering the mid-day heat. Well, now I can agree with them from first hand experience! After descending all morning and stopping to rest at noon, the river looked so close Oai and I decided to just go for it and run down there and then run back. Well, it wasn't that close. My calves are still punishing me for this one.

If you're looking for a challenge, try doing a one-day rim-to-river-to-rim hike. I met hikers who do it almost yearly. But, if you do this hike, remember that it is a serious hike that requires planning.

At the Rim

At the River